Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – they’ll still be here, and that’s fine – now we remember

The fellow is Ted Nugent, who once had a mildly popular rock song. He was sure that he was on some hit lit by Obama et al. His prediction failed too. Now emblematic of many Trump supporters.
The fellow is Ted Nugent, who once had a mildly popular rock song. He was sure that he was on some hit lit by Obama et al. His prediction failed too. Now emblematic of many Trump supporters.

Even though I have known that the US had people who were ignorant and hateful, they were always in the background. In my lifetime, which consists of the late 60s and onward, we kept moving forward, incrementally sure, but we did move. The David Dukes, the vast majority of both my spouse’s and my rural white ill-educated families, the fearful and ignorant conservatives I overhear at work, they were always there, but I was sure that they’d always be a minor thing, some humans will always be dumb. This is a post about what’s going on in the US politically, in case you didn’t guess.

Then came the wannabee despot, and all of these people were more than happy to follow him, a pied piper calling the rats out of the sewers. They want to think themselves something special but they aren’t; we’ve seen them waving flags on newsreel tapes from Nuremberg, from Red Square in Moscow, etc.   There are a certain fraction of people who want to be led, to be told that they are special and that they deserve better. That will believe claims that the demagogue of the day will grant “every dream you ever dreamed”.   You’d think humans would get it by now.

But oh no.

We have Republicans who are horrified that they are associated with this wannabee despot. S.E. Cupp, a commentator who has been on CNN and I think on MSNBC is upset that Republican women get it from “both sides”. Ms. Cupp, if you are getting abuse from Republicans, then you might want to consider why? Is it that the party is not friendly to women?   Your complaints are about as interesting as a homosexual person who is Republican who complains that the party doesn’t support them either. I’ve never been able to figure out the Log Cabin Republicans. Who is using who?

Oh and I’d consider being called a loser by an idiot like Trump a badge of honor. I have no idea why you would care or would complain about being called such a thing by such a twit. (and yes, Ms. Cupp is one big ol’ hypocrite as she has been for as long as I’ve been aware of her. She is an atheist but says she “really aspires to be a person of faith some day”. When she invents her own god that she can be proud of?).

Of course, we do have Republicans, who in theory should know better, but have no problem in following Trump and espousing his nonsense, which would indicate that no, they didn’t know better and were for this crap all along. We have more lies by a Christian, Newt Gingrich, that lovely fellow that ignores Christianity when convenient, that as soon as Democrats get into power, that somehow magically Ms. Clinton will remove “our father” from the Lord’s Prayer. This was in a speech to the Association of Mature American Citizens, a particularly fearful selection of senior citizens who evidently are sure that there was a magical golden age when they were young, forgetting the hatred given to people of different ethnicities, women, LGBTQ, etc. Ah, but these folks who so hate government (horrors if anyone gets healthcare through the Affordable Care Act) are really really concerned that this government that they are sure shouldn’t exist might not give them their Social Security payments and Medicare. Yep, these are the greedy twits that are your ignorant uncle at the table. I do have to wonder if the whole thing is a scam because it’s such a stereotype of your average Baby Boomer. Hmm, Newt and now Donny, both who have done many things against what are supposedly conservative Christian morals. Now, why would such people support those that make a mockery of their religion? Could it be that they are more interested in power than their supposed savior?

We also have one more group, consisting of the usual suspects asking for money, that want to pretend that they are going to get a million signatures on a petition and evidently that will do something magical. is sure that evidently something will happen.   The folks backing this are Creflo Dollar (who needs a private jet), David Barton (who lies constantly about history), James Dobson (of Focus on the Family, but only families that he approves of), former General Boykin (whose anti-Islam comments even George W. Bush retreated from), etc. It seems that they think that pretending that they yet one more group will make their claims even “truthier”. They also have a pretty curious interpretation of Ephesians 1:21 on their website. That verse is rather odd to begin with, since Paul has already said that all governments are put in place by this god (Romans 13), so how governments would take away the same rights as they would guarantee is rather perplexing. And of course, these folks don’t put bible verses on their rotation that might horrify the average Christian: murder children, murder the non-christians, and that great one, God will intentionally work with Satan to corrupt more believers after they live an aeon under the rule of JC.

Oh, and unlike some conservative Christians, some liberals decided to talk to the people who are mentioned in the wikileaks emails about Catholics. Funny how the conservatives are hilariously wrong in their claims. One might want to read what Halpin wrote about the emails. I will have to say it’s entirely no surprise that Halpin is a Catholic himself. Again, we have evidence that claims by conservative Catholics aren’t true and that all is not uniform in the world of Roman Catholics. Sorry, Ms Flowers, my conservative Catholic who likes to tell false things, but you fail again and the truth will out, showing that there is no reason to believe such nonsense spread by you or that you have some moral high ground. Again, unsurprisingly, Mr. Halprin is the recipient of imprecatory prayers aka prayers for something harmful to happen to someone, something that Christians are known for but don’t like mentioned.

A later breaking story, it appears that Pat Robertson is supporting Trump, unsurprisingly. Now, how does it work that a failed prophet like Pat and a man who has no idea about the Christian religion and depends on a prosperity gospel preaching pastor like Paula White are people that self-described Christians are following?   Ah, but the average Christian has no idea what the bible actually says they are supposed to do, because their pastors don’t tell them the parts that might not get a dollar in the collection plate. Pat says one shouldn’t bet against Trump. So when his predictions fail yet again, do we get to see the biblical punishment of failed prophets be enforced? Well, that would be inconvenient for any Judeo/Christo/Muslim type since secular law is what we follow, not the violence of their holy books. They do all have such itchy ears though, needing to create all sorts of excuses for what they follow.

Such a fun week in the US now. I am hoping for a landslide for Ms. Clinton because that will go far in invalidating the nonsense Trump dredged up and gave voice to. I hope we don’t have the wave of violence I expect from a certain segment of Christians. Hopefully, they will consider the cost of their actions thanks to our happily secular law system.

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Postscript – 10/26/2016- We now also have one more TrueChristian lying when he’s saying that honest, his predictions that Obama would take everyone’s guns came true.  Wayne Lapierre, the head of the National Rifle Association (NRA) is in quite an alternate universe.   Now, I’ve called my father and he still has his guns, and my cousin, with his hundreds of thousands of rounds bought 8 years ago, he still has all of his weapons and bullets.   Now, if Obama has all of the guns already,  how is poor Clinton going to take them away again?   Yep, it’s just getting more and more ridiculous.

7 thoughts on “Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – they’ll still be here, and that’s fine – now we remember

      1. heh, well, considering Christian family values are abandon your family and follow a cult leader, kill those who aren’t Christians, and don’t question when your god works with his BFF Satan, then I would hope *no* one follows the things.

        Now, if they follow the golden rule and the family values of ancient Egypt, China, etc, then we should be good, eh?

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  1. To me, it has become increasingly clear Trump really isn’t intending to win. He is subverting the whole American political system for attention and profit. When he loses, He will launch a every farther right version of Fox appealing to his base, whom advertisers know are gullible and therefore lucrative. And to top it all off moving that Overton window so he and those like him maintain those tax loopholes.


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