What the Boss likes – Holiday nonsense

poor Mog:

One of my favorite charities:


and a classic, Cthulhu style:


and more chtullhu carols

and what was my favorite stop motion Christmas story, which is full of the sniffles (the angels are creepy) and the star is even more ridiculous.

So, if you were a Christian at some point or are now, what’s your favorite Christmas carol?  I think mine is “Can you hear what I hear?”





10 thoughts on “What the Boss likes – Holiday nonsense

  1. There is the second rarest puppet Rankin Bass production: The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus, one of the most Pagan Christmas things I’ve seen. Then there’s the weirdest, most seemingly unaware, melding of Catholicism, Paganism, and argument for Euthanasia: the 1996 Hallmark special: The Christmas Tree. It is about a nun in love with a somewhat sentient fir tree.


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