What the Boss Likes – so, do you know anyone who knows medieval German or Austrian?

I have a mystery and I’m asking your help. I have an image, and some calligraphy that may be either German or Austrian, of what looks to be either late Middle Ages or Renaissance. A cousin got this partial copy but he is, alas, not a researcher and didn’t get the goodies I need.

I can’t read it and would very much like to find someone who can translate and, if possible, tell me the source of this page. I’d be more than happy to work out some method of payment for someone who can get me the information. I once found someone who was able to translate a wedding document for my Hungarian/Transylvanian/whatever side of the family and we worked out a great way for me to buy him a book as payment.

My family name is a variant of Schwerdtfeger.







5 thoughts on “What the Boss Likes – so, do you know anyone who knows medieval German or Austrian?

  1. Roughly, sword maker. Or at least the person involved in the last phase of swordmaking which involved hammering, sharpening and polishing. The image is from Das Ständebuch (1698) by Christoph Weigel.
    Now I own your soul 😀 And your first child in case it’s a dwarf. I’ve always wanted a dwarf of my own.


  2. The text reads:

    Der Schwerdt-Feger

    Schwert = sword
    Feger = brush, sweeper

    In context: sword polisher

    Dem Schaf, das dulten kan, steht keine Wolffs klau an.

    Unfortunately, there’s a poetic play on the word “dulden” here that’s lost in translation.

    Literally: A sheep cannot (tolerate/countenance/suffer) a wolf’s claw.

    Wer auf deß Lamms verdornten Wegen,
    ihm volgen will zur Kron und Segen,
    der steiget durch Gedult empor.

    Whoever follows him on the lamb’s thorny path to crown and blessing will rise up through patience.

    Der Feinde unverdientes Schelten,
    muß er mit Segen so vergelten,
    wie ihm sein Häyland (Heiland) gienge vor.

    The foes undeserved scolding
    he must repay with like blessings
    as his Saviour did before.


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