Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – Thank you Briarwood Presbyterian Church

Thank you, Briarwood Presbyterian Church, for showing us that you don’t believe in your god any more than non-Christians do.   Nothing like showing


What a very very bad idea.



14 thoughts on “Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – Thank you Briarwood Presbyterian Church

  1. Unbelievable~! Unreal~~! WoW. (Great catch by the way, on your part) As a practicing Christian Wiccan, I am appalled on so many different levels, I am at a total loss. Probably as appalled by their actions in the spiritual realm as they would be at mine. But the big difference is that I love the earth as well all animals, and my brothers & sisters. Just trying to have as much love and positive energy to go around as possible…..I think they’ve shown what their energy is about. Sadly it feels like their energy is hatefilled. Call me Disappointed. Love & Light


    1. Hi, cwb. I researched Wicca. I don’t get how the hate inherent in Christianity works with Wicca. Jesus Christ say to murder those who don’t agree with him. Luke 19. There are some things that JC says that are cool with the Wicca that I know, but a lot of what is claimed of him isn’t.

      love and light to you too!

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      1. Hi thanks much for your comment. I always appreciate it when someone gives me pause for thought. In any event, I guess I would say that most of the Christian Wiccans that I know are a tad different and do not worship other “gods”, nor really goddess either, Mother Earth is our mother so to speak as our Father is God. We do believe in magic so to speak, in our ability to enhance things, or offer prayers of protection, ect. I blog on wordpress and have the christians/wiccans group on facebook we are 1,400+ strong, I created the group approx a little over a year ago now. There are many like minded people out there. And truly while we do believe , we also believe fully that there is just so much more to the whole story. Any of that make sense? Have a awesome evening~! Blessed Be


      2. So you’ve essentially invented your own religion, correct? I’ve known quite a few Wicca and their prayers and spells were no more effective than the prayers of any other theist. I certainly wish it was not this way but it is. I used to have quite a library of Scott Cunningham’s books, as well as a copy of Spiral Dance.

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      3. Hey, well it’s not like I myself invented it. More like thousands of people are trying to find a place for themselves and get a great deal out of both of these beliefs. Im sorry that the prayers, whether wiccan or christian did’nt seem to work for you. However, it works for a great many people and for me, thats good enough. Thanks!


      4. Shhh…. just go along with the charade or you’ll be just another confrontational, fundamental, evangelical, militant, angry, pseudo-believing religious atheist.

        Apparently, that’s bad.


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