From the Kitchen – cake and some random musings

Back to some fun stuff.   I found a recipe for German buttercream frosting on Serious Eats, one of my favorite food sites.  This stuff is very good, not too sweet, and full of tasty tasty fat!  I recently made a spice buy at Penzey’s, my favorite socially concious spice merchant, and used my new vanilla beans.   I did end up using salted butter which was noticeable but fine on a chocolate cake, rather like the salted caramel craze.  I just used a boxed chocolate cake mix.

I honestly can’t frost a cake worth crap. but it tastes good.

This weekend we are going to return to an old recipe, the blue cheese tart.  This time we are going to grab a rotisserie chicken and add the shredded meat to the tart. Should be tasty!

I’ve been watching “The Terror” on AMC.  It’s a horror tale about the failed expedition to find the Northwest Passage back in the 1840s based on this book.  Generally I’m not big horror fan, still having nightmares from watching “Alien”.  But this show grabbed me somehow.  There’s lots of blood, cannibalized bodies, etc, but the characters are interesting.  I very much enjoyed it.  It’d make a great Cthulhu tale if one just added a few tentacles.

Short one today.  Eat and drink well!



8 thoughts on “From the Kitchen – cake and some random musings

      1. Hey! Can’t go wrong with butter! 🙂 A friend of ours makes kick-ass spaghetti sauce. The secret ingredient? A POUND of butter – yes, really. 🙂


      2. OH, yes! It’s a must-have.

        Our daughter got married in a little seaside church (which happens to be on our front lawn and which she now owns) and then had a small reception at the Hall next door. (90 guests) I made seafood chowder and – of course – it had butter and lots of cream in it. . . Got lots of compliments! I make it with potatoes, celery, onions, turnip, lobster, fresh haddock, scallops, and a small amount of smoked haddock. (I don’t usually use clams but I have at times, along with the water from the can) In the Maritimes, chowder must be thick, so the potatoes get mashed! ;). I ordered it once on Salt Spring Island (British Columbia) and it was just like glue. . . Egads. They must have added cornstarch – a no, no!


      3. My husband’s grandmother lived with them when they were young. She had been a cook in a restaurant and also loved lots of fresh fish. They usually ate turnip with fish, so I got used to doing it, too. :). I don’t think I ate turnip at all until after I was married. . .


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