What the Boss Likes – two more pictures of our new boys

more cat photos of our two new adopted ferals.

Here is Tez who loves to lay on his back and who is huge.  He is happy but isn’t quite sure about the pettins yet.


Tezcatlipocal the monster black cat


and Agamemnon, aka Aggie, our love bug who is only slightly smaller.

Aggie the lovebug



15 thoughts on “What the Boss Likes – two more pictures of our new boys

  1. One of ours has just started head meds. He completely flipped and now lives in a cupboard. Like, literally. The whole day and night. He doesn’t come out. It’s so bloody odd. He *was* a bit of a bully to our eldest, could be quite nasty at times, and now this, the complete opposite. We’ve had a cat wisperer around, and a vet specialising in mental problems. She’s the one who put him on these meds.

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      1. That’s the thing, he really doesn’t seemed stressed at all. He was having some trouble weeing, but a battery of tests, ultrasounds and x-rays revealed nothing, and that problem just went away as fast as it arrived. Strange little fellow, but I’ve made sure he has everything he needs in his quite roomy cupboard. He came out yesterday, but then spent the whole day up on the pantry.


  2. Hi there Velkyn. Emma from WWGA here :-). Thinking your cats look very cute! How long have you had them for? Hoping that you and your husband have a good Xmas holiday in advance!


    1. Hi Emma! Welcome and thanks for the compliments. We’ve had the new kitties since US thanksgiving (November 22). I had been befriending them before that and it was going to be very cold that night. So they came inside.

      We just got a pheromone diffuser to make everyone happier and I’m shocked on how well it works.


      1. Heya Velkyn

        Thank you and you’re welcome. 🙂

        That’s a big relief to know that you were able to give them a home during their time of need. Good thing that they were in the right place at the right time!

        Also glad that things worked out well on the diffuser front. I know that cats can get pretty stressed when first settling into a home!


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