Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – And this is why we call Trumpies deplorable

such TrueChristians ™ aren’t they?

These are what have come out from under the rocks in the US.


4 thoughts on “Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – And this is why we call Trumpies deplorable

  1. Sigh. Idiots being idiots. If they’re actually stupid enough to think that anyone is going to use this money to build a “border wall”, they DESERVE to be fleeced by whoever thought this idea up. I can’t bring myself to feel sorry for them, all of my sympathy is directed toward the rest of us, who have to share a country with these people.

    Honestly, how thick do you have to be to think this is legitimate? I wish I was capable of thinking like whoever set this up – those stupid morals of mine keep getting in the way. Is it *really* wrong to take money from people who would give money to this? Is it *still* wrong if I send them a commemorative t-shirt in exchange for their donation? I can sketch up something loosely based on Pink Floyd…..

    Gah. A country overflowing with idjits, and me with decent f@cking morals.


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