Not So Polite Dinner Conversation– a festive blend of opinions on food, politics, religion….

Here’s a post about random things. Opinions about food, religion, politics etc are freely mixed.

I’ve a new follower “God’s Geological and Math Signs”. Oh my, this person’s website is utterly hilarious. For a religion that is supposedly followed by faith and no evidence needed (as told to me repeatedly by various Christians), this individual certainly is desperate for evidence that s/he is right. As an actual geologist, I find this utterly ridiculous. Perhaps only the classic nonsense by self-claimed prophets and liars like Falwell, Robertson, Graham are more pathetic. This poor individual claims that Alpha Centauri is the “same size” as our sun, which is it not, and seems to have no idea it is a multi star system. He also seems to think that it’s amazing that he can draw crosses all over the place. Note the Holy Cross Chile pepper So many Christians are walking talking examples of the Dunning Kruger effect. This person is also one of those who seems to think that all other religious believer “really” agree with him, by insisting that all religions are about his god (ignoring his bible as convenient, including Exodus 12:12)

Otto’s Pub & Brewery has a great new Cherry Wheat beer. It’s so much better than the Sam Adam’s version, with a good cherry nose and a color tending toward red. We stop when we can on our way back from visiting relatives. I got the gyro (about the size of two) and my spouse got the braised beef sandwich. The food is always fabulous there.

The nonsense in American politics is pretty much all right now about the Mueller report. We have a AG who is intentionally lying to Congress which is pathetic since we now have most of the report and can read it, and it seems we’ll shortly have Mueller testifying. We also have a orange moron who is desperate to hide his financials. Hmmm, now he has said that only the guilty hide things. I’m guessing he’s hiding money laundering and/or showing he doesn’t have the money he claims, and banks will never deal with him again after his presidency. Mueller found that Trump didn’t collude; but indicted how many of his minions for other crimes found, and we still have the Trumpies never reporting to the FBI that they were approached by the Russians and Trump who exhorted the Russians to attack the US’s IT systems. I’m personally supporting Elizabeth Warren, who is one of the democratic candidates.

I’ve made another batch of beer. It’s “Don’t Be Mean to People – a Golden Rule Saison” from Northern Brewer. It was created in support of LBGT folks in North Carolina when their state gov’t decided to get involved in people’s bathroom choice. I had the kit sitting around and hadn’t realized how long. The malt powder became large blocks of hard malt. I melted them and things seem to be proceeding apace. Should be bottling in a week or so. They don’t have it in stock anymore.

That’s it. Have a nice weekend!

6 thoughts on “Not So Polite Dinner Conversation– a festive blend of opinions on food, politics, religion….

  1. As a general rule, I’m not a beer drinker (tend more towards wine), although I occasionally like a Mexican beer. From your description, I might be inclined to give the Cherry Wheat beer a try, but alas … the pub is a bit far away (I’m in Oregon).

    I think I shall shy away from the website you cited. From your description, I think it’s a bit too far over the edge for me.

    Enjoy your weekend!


    1. yep, just a bit far away 🙂 the cherry wheat is what I would give someone who isn’t into beer but does like wine. Oregon has some nice wines. Any you’d recommend that you’ve had?


      1. I could suggest a number of Oregon wines! What do you like? Red? White? Blends? Sweet? Dry? Of course, when push comes to shove, it’s really all a matter of personal taste. But I’d be happy to offer some suggestions.

        We actually live in So. Oregon so there are wineries all around us. In fact, we just went “tasting” last Thursday and visited a new-to-us winery. Ended up taking home 6 bottles — which is nothing new for us. 😉


      2. I generally like red blends best. 🙂 but I’m happy to try most anything. Wines here in PA have a tendency to be very sweet but are getting better. We went up to the Finger Lakes in NY a couple of years ago and brought home…..lots. 🙂


      3. Give me a day or two and I’ll see if I can find some blends that can be shipped … if you’re so inclined. 😉

        I also favor red blends but, like you, I’ll try anything! Well … almost anything. 🙄


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