Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – oh darn, did someone say that out loud?

Recently, I’ve noted some silly theist posts here and responded to them since the theists, Christians, want an echo chamber and don’t allow non-Christians like them to post.

One has caught my eye, where Haden (whom you’ve seen referenced to before having the blog amusingly named “Help Me Believe Strengthen the believer. Answer the critic”  (and be so unsure of your “answers” that you don’t allow anyone to address them)) cites another Christian’s post from the blog “Stephen J. BedardChristian Apologetics, Leadership, Disabilities, History and More”

This post is about if you can or can’t reason someone into believing in Christianity’s claims.  The base claim is  “Really? How do they know? Have they interviewed every single Christian and discovered that not one came to faith through apologetic arguments? It is so easy to make assertions without any evidence to back it up. Christians get annoyed when atheists make unfounded assertions, we should be careful not to do the same.”

However, the bible doesn’t agree with this at all.  It says that the only way you can believe in if you were picked by this god to be able to believe.

Then Mr. Bedard tries this:

“What some people may mean by this is that it is not arguments that bring a person to salvation, it is the Holy Spirit. Of course that is true. But that would also mean that you cannot preach a person into the kingdom or you cannot evangelize a person into the kingdom but most people do not say that. Apologists understand that their arguments are only part of the picture and that it is ultimately the Holy Spirit who brings the person to Christ.”

So, he seems to believe in the part of the bible where Paul says no one can accept this god unless they were chosen to, e.g. no free will.  This would make apologetics entirely useless, and they aren’t just a “part of a picture”, they don’t work at all. It becomes no more than preaching to the choir.

Now, I tried to post these points on Bedard’s blog and of course, they don’t appear.  However, what *does* appear is quite an example of a Christian speaking (typing) out loud what Christians generally don’t want to admit.

You may or may not be familiar with a Christian who goes by “Evolution is a Hoax”.  He is one of those Christians who lies, etc when it comes to atheists.  However, here we get to see what he really wants on what he seems to think, with good reason, a friendly website.

“we should compel people to come in. And our weapons of our warfare are to pull down arguments. We should and sow seed even on stony ground and if possible remove the stones from the field. Its a simple solution.”

Nothing like Christians wanting to convert by the sword.  Ol’ Hoax also goes on a rant here and as usual, a Christian can’t go very long without attacking another Christian.   Hoax also admits, like the Jesuits, that they need to get to the kids early because they won’t question lies. “Most success happens when you are in a Sunday school room and you have a clean slate with few arguments and they will listen to the gospel and feel the love his sacrifice conveys.”

What a failure of a god when it can only be believed by children who are lied to.

11 thoughts on “Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – oh darn, did someone say that out loud?

    1. one would think, eh? But no, this god has to supposedly summon some of the dumbest people I’ve ever encountered on the ‘net to be its defenders.

      A contender for Haden’s crown is “theistthuglife” As you can tell from the name it’s amazingly pitiful.

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      1. I sometimes wonder if accuracy of expression does any good. ‘They’ will believe what the want to believe. I’m currently in debate with theisthuglife. I admitted to being an Atheist, but he turned me into an Agnostic, because I just didn’t have enough knowledge to accept his stories as true. The idea of anyone not believing what he believes, scares the shit out of him, and most Apologetics. 😳


  1. Hayden is a Nob.
    I was banned from his site a while ago for asking for evidence for his claims.
    He got a bit upset when I informed him that the bible is not evidence and neither is anything that Craig, Habermas or Licona etc have presented.

    What do these people expect? I can’t help if it if I don’t feel like a sinner?

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      1. Exactly. There’s no need to spend even a second trying to *define* their god into existence. If they believe the story, then they really should be focused on just explaining its hiddenness, and developing theodicies.


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