Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – thousands of selfish ignorant fools in PA

photo – Josha Bickel

Yep, we had our own idiots who are whining about the stay at home orders.   Thousands of these fools gathered together on the capitol’s steps, ignoring the saftey guidelines and whining about their “rights”.

These are the Trumpies, who are selfish and ignorant, who want their rights but don’t want anyone else to have any.   They would have been the ones in Nuremburg at the rallies.

and then we have the medical personnel, who the above idiots want to intentionally harm.

as we can see, Trumpies are not pro-life, they are not pro anyone but themselves.  They are greedy failures who have come out from under rocks to worship their orange messiah.


4 thoughts on “Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – thousands of selfish ignorant fools in PA

  1. As a Keystoner myself, I must agree with the political wisdom: Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are the liberal enclaves; in between them it’s Alabama. That includes Harrisburg–else why would the yahoos swarm there?


  2. I’ve known a few DT supporters for a long time, even before DT turned orange. Frankly, selfishness and hypocrisy have always motivated them much more than morality or the ‘right thing.’ They can fake it, they can shake it, but when they show me who they are, I believe them.


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