4 thoughts on “What the Boss Likes – Banana….5

  1. I love the sesame St. video it brings back awesome memories. You think its funny now imagine being a kid and seeing it for the first time. Anyway:
    I wanted to give you this because you are a truth seeker and a philosopher: The bible is a symbol for life and life is a symbol for the real life that is spiritual. It is poetry and a love note. Don’t read it like a text book. Read it like a poem – for you try psalms.


    1. scott, you are trying the same old apologist nonsense again.

      I am most certainly not a philosopher. The bible is nothing more than a bunch of myths, just like most religions have. they are “just-so” stories to try to explain reality, to make claims about how great some group of people are, etc. You want to play pretend that these stories are more impressive than they are, and that they reveal some magical truth that you alone “really” understand.

      Parts of the bible are poems. I think the Song of Solomon and Ecclesiastes are rather nice. Psalms is a human writing to placate a god that has no evidence of existing. It’s a fantasy of how this god will harm anyone who dares bother the author. The problem comes when Christians don’t agree on what their bible says or what literary form they want to claim a part is. You each make up what you want to be literal, metaphor and what is to be just ignored.

      There is no more truth in it than any other holy book or story for that matter.

      Again, Scott, is it love to kill a child for the actions of someone else? This is no love note at all, this is an abuser who harms anyone who dares disobey it.

      As for the Sesame Street aliens, I’ve always loved them and some people I’ve seen have made great costumes of them at science fiction conventions, just a big sheet of fun fur, googly eyes and a flexible hoop lined with black see through material for a mouth.


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