What the Boss Likes : a new mask pattern

Hello world!

Ugh, this pandemic really needs to stop.   I’m bored, depressed and just done with it.  I was reading a old book I picked up in a thrift store, “Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern” for those of you who read fantasy.  It’s all about a pandemic on Anne McCaffrey’s Pern.  The disease has symptom: fever, headache and cough.  It was really weird to read that during this time.  Alas, I have no dragon to hang out with.

On that note, I’ve been working with some mask patterns I’ve found on the web and adjusting them to what I need.  Being one of the glasses wearing persuasion, I need something that doesn’t make my glasses fog up and being a little hard of hearing (thanks, childhood ear infections that blew out my eardrums!) I find it easier if I can see people’s lips and find it easier if I can smile at people, being that I’m currently working in retail (I am a plant merchandiser at a Lowe’s, which means I move plants around to make them look pretty and throw out the ones that are dying.  Oh and don’t forget the eternal sweeping the area)

So, you may find below my pattern that I cobbled from these two: first mask video and pattern  and  mask pattern for glasses by Barb.

My pattern is hand drawn and until I master my pen tablet, this is how it will be.  Anyone at all is more than welcome to improve on it.  My pattern is really for an experienced seamstress/seamster, and they’ll know to put cuts in curves to make it work out.  Print out at 100%.

I used a page protector that I stole from my husband, who is addicted to office supplies, to make the window.  It’s a decent weight of clear plastic and this particular one is a matte finish.

Things you might want to know:

Cut little slits in the fabric for the curves so it doesn’t bunch up.

Use a wider stitch length when sewing the plastic in so you don’t perforate the plastic too much and have the window fall out.

The chin and nose are gathered with a thread so they can fit around the face a little better.  It’s just like using a thread as the string on a drawstring bag.

The center hole will be cut as shown.  Fold the flaps back.  The flaps can be cut narrower so you won’t have quite so much to fold back.  It just depend on how comfortable you are with really narrow stitching.  I double stitched around the window just to make sure everything was caught.

A light film of dish soap can help with the fogging.

If you have any questions, please ask. This was a quick and dirty project of mine.


And yes, that is a deer skull behind me above our fake fireplace.  I found that deer skull about 40 years ago as a very decayed roadkill, and it hadn’t had the antlers eaten off by a porcupine.  My parents weren’t thrilled that I brought it home.  😀  I will have to admit that wearing this mask reminds me of those weird  cartoons with people’s mouths placed on them, like Clutch Cargo.

May you all be happy and safe!

12 thoughts on “What the Boss Likes : a new mask pattern

  1. I recently saw an article (and pictures) about masks with plastic “mouthpieces” to help people who are hard of hearing and need to read lips. So you’re right on track!


      1. I’ve never seen the old covers for the Dragonriders of Pern series, but I’ve seen old copies of the Harper Hall Trilogy that had some of the best covers I’ve ever seen. I’m guessing the old covers for the Dragonriders of Pern were in much the same style?


      2. So I thought, “I’ve read the Harper Hall Trilogy, Dragonflight, Dragonquest, and The White Dragon but I really ought to read Moreta too, so I looked for Pern novels the other day, and, wow, there are so many more of them than I thought, and some of them sound really interesting: for example, the one about Zhinna, the first female blue rider, Dragon’s Time!


      3. I saw that! It’s really interesting, especially since I sometimes think about writing a novel with magical dolphins in it… My novels are not anything like Anne McAffrey’s, but it is a little interesting. As a child I really liked dragons, and she was my first introduction to friendly, ridable dragons – what I’d always wanted. When I read her books, I thought, “Now I really need to be a dragonrider!” Now, I discover she also thought of dolphins… wow!


      4. pretty cool. I do love writing but I’m terribly self-conscious about what I write. I put up my one story a little while ago that is finished, but I have hundreds of pages of stuff that will probably never see the light of day 🙂

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