Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – “miracles”? Not so much

Always good to see Christians admitting that they have no actual miracles but have to try to claim natural events as “miracles. The usual cowards at “Does God Exist?” Today, and John Clayton now try to make a migration a miracle from Exodus. You of course can’t comment on their false claims there.

“The Middle East Eye website carries an article titled “Quail Season Brings Rare Treat for Meat-Starved Gazans.” It tells of a regular migration of quails from Europe to the Middle East. If the wind is blowing against the migration, the birds become exhausted and land on the Gaza shore, where people capture them in nets to provide a source of badly needed protein. The point is that there is a natural way in which quails can provide food for a nation of people even today.

Funny how people need food *all* of the time. So much for this god giving food when needed, all of the time, rather than when a bunch of birds decide to move. And no surprise that there still hasn’t been one trashpit full of quail bones found anywhere around the supposed route of the Exodus.

And of course you can see my review of the quail episode in Exodus here: Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – 960,000 tons of what? – Club Schadenfreude

Funny how the Exodus fails yet again. And Christians are still desperate for any evidence that they can convince themselves with.

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