Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – Morality? Thank Eve

Alas, I can’t take credit for this. This is from my husband. “You opponent claims God put morality into the heart of every human.  According to their own book, God didn’t teach the difference between good and evil, the forbidden fruit was required, and off limits.  Without original sin there would be no knowledge of good and evil.  If you have morality, thank Eve.”

yep, he’s quite a bit smarter than me. I have the brain that is a great retrieval and storage unit. he has the brain that is the one that shows how things work.

This god wanted an amoral people per the myth. Things were supposedly, objectively, evil, but as long as humans were ignorant, things were fine per this god. Being naked was supposedly wrong, but A&E were nekkid with no problem.

Until that tree.

The idiot god got a people who knew what good and evil were. Seems like the people outstripped the god.

Most of us know that killing kids and committing and encouraging genocide is wrong.

7 thoughts on “Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – Morality? Thank Eve

      1. I quote that book (The Owner of All…) so often at the religiots. That and the lyrics from my favorite in-tell-ek-shualll French Black Metal Band, Deathspell Omega:

        A testimony
        from the dimension of regret.
        This voice comes
        from the second right after the disaster
        when all there is left to say
        in a distressed whisper is
        It is too late.
        The irreparable has been carved in stone
        and those made accountable for it are you.
        Standing, shivering in cold dim light
        waiting for the sentence of the Holy Dead
        like Adam and Eve at the end of time.

        One may argue that it was flawed
        since the beginning
        that the dice were loaded
        that God had it all within
        that He is the Source.
        O heavenly Father!
        pathogenic agent of contamination.
        harbringer of catastrophe,
        icon of the impending Fall:
        but what difference does it make?
        Altitudines Satana
        the vertigo of Liberty
        tipped the scales.
        A shadow of horror is risen.

        This will not be redeemed
        no matter how sincere the genuflection
        and ardent the confession.

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  1. Cant even believe one of the worst stories made its way all across generations and we still have highly ‘intellectual’ people believe in this story. This just tells, humans had a phase when they were stupid enough to come up and believe in this ridiculous story. However God had two options with him – 1) create life on earth and let it evolve or 2) take some clay and breathe life and then take rib and give life, create an enemy ‘Satan’, ask Not to eat from a tree and go on and finally on earth as punishment.. God is more stupid than the people who came up with this story 🙂

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