Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – abortion and the hypocrisy of Christians

Currently, the conservative Christians here in the US are doing their best to eliminate the right of women to control their own bodiesby trying to nullify Roe V. Wade in the Supreme Court. 

They natter on about the “right to life”.

One has to wonder how they worship a god that kills children for the actions of others.

Now, I know a lot of Christians follow my blog.  I’m guessing a good many of them would deny this, but we can see it repeatedly, especially when this god kills David’s son for the actions of his parents.

Where is their concern about the “right to life” here?  Why do they worship such a being if they are so concerned about children?

Oh yes, that concern doesn’t exist since their morals are built on might equals right.  Nothing more.  That’s what you get from a morally stunted people who are greedy, selfish, desperate to be obeyed and willfully ignorant, creating their god in their images.   

9 thoughts on “Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – abortion and the hypocrisy of Christians

  1. The best answer to abortion is birth control. All women should have free and easily available access to birth control from the time they are able to be pregnant. This includes girls. Parents should not be able to stop girl from getting birth control. In Colorado we have a program which gives free birth control to teenage girls to lower teen pregnancy.. It is funded privately. We need this for all women.


    1. Of course! BUT … many in the church-going crowd are even against contraceptives. In fact, I just came across a Christian that is against the morning-after pill. This is insane!


    2. It’s just about time for me to get out my credit card and do my usual end-of-year donations, and one of the regular recipients is an organization that provides birth control to women who can’t afford it.

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      1. This is one of those totally INSANE things that many Christians do … that is, REJECT abortion but ALSO reject any kind of birth control. One individual said he’s even against the “morning after” pill!! Of course, when one considers the ignorance among many Christians related to sex matters, I suppose it’s not surprising.

        Good on you for your donation!!!


      2. well, what do you expect from these nitwits when they have no problem in getting those children they are ever so concerned about killed by guns. it’s much more important not to stand between a lunatic and a gun than it is to not stand between a woman and her doctor.

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  2. It’s a local clinic here in Winnipeg. There’s also a national charity in Canada called the Norma Scarborough Emergency Fund that provides transportation, lodgings and other necessities for women who can’t access abortion services in their home town. I may give them a few dollars too.

    Other than PP, I’m not familiar with similar initiatives in the States.


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