What the Boss Likes – Bloganuary – I wrote too soon: WordPress’ question for 1/7 “What do people incorrectly assume about you?”

I thought that WP wasn’t going to send out a inspiration for bloganuary so went ahead with my own.  Lo and behold, they did send one last evening.

So, what do people incorrectly assume about me?   Not that much, happily, but many often assume that since I don’t show my emotions often, I don’t have them.  I am *not* a hugger, and most women just don’t get that. 

I consider my emotions private.  That does come somewhat from being very emotional when I was young and being humiliated for that.  Not always fun being a highly sensitive person.  But I also often just don’t see the need to show what I feel.

Of course, I also have people of the theist persuasion ever so sure that I simply *must* agree with them, but they incorrectly assume that about every non-believer in their particular version.  I do enjoy dissuading them of that conclusion.

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