What the Boss Likes – Bloganuary – ” What does your ideal day look like?”

I think I’m a day or so off on the challenge. Oh well.

Start with a good night’s sleep.  Sometimes that is a problem.  If I don’t have a snack before I go to bed, my blood sugar drops in the middle of the night and I wake up from nightmares.  Then it takes forever to fall asleep again. 

If I wake up after a nice night’s sleep, then I would wander downstairs to feed the dark legion their bit of wet cat food, and get myself a cup of coffee.  Preferably a dark roast with fresh cream, no sugar.  I would then go back upstairs to our den and spend a couple of hours looking at the news from around the world and tearing apart nitwits about their lies regarding religion and politics. (I guess that the ideal day would mean that these idiots didn’t find it necessary to bother others with their imaginary friend, so I’d do more reading, art and chatting, but I found this too much to ask for).  Interspersed with that would be chatting with my spouse about all sorts of things, from science, to gaming, to the nitwits I’m nattering at. 

Lunch would be something tasty, often a sandwich or soup or both.  I’m a texture fiend so I do love a good sandwich.  I’d spend the afternoon reading or puttering at my art.  I might also decide to cook something complicated or put in something to roast a good long while. 

In the evening, there would be a tasty dinner, either take out or something we’ve made.  There would be a bottle of wine or two.  Then I’d go to sleep…. After a snack.   

2 thoughts on “What the Boss Likes – Bloganuary – ” What does your ideal day look like?”

  1. My ideal day is heading for the river to go diving, or walk the banks, or just enjoy being out there.

    On my way now 🙂 Looks like we will be getting another round of snow Sun. So got to preemptively do something about the damn cabin fever.

    Not that I can’t get around in almost any winter conditions, we dont have the brightest drivers here and it isn’t safe out there on dry roads. We will be staying home.

    Wish you could go… Bye!


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