What the Boss Likes – Bloganuary – Catching up

Catching up on some inspirations for Bloganuary.

What was your favorite photo you’ve taken?
I don’t like taking photos.  I find it ends up making me miss something, and I hate being in photos.  I suppose if I had to choose one, I do like a black and white photo, from *film*, that I took of the Heinz Chapel on University of Pittsburgh’s Oakland campus.  It makes a nice set with the behemoth Cathedral of Learning.  I’ll put the photo up when I get a moment.

Write about something mysterious.

No idea what this really means.   But here goes.   There is very little that I find mysterious. Anything that baffles me I find to always have an answer if I look hard enough.   However, I did find a towel in the middle of the floor of our entrance way that evidently either just appeared, or somehow the cats got it from the upstairs which doesn’t seem terribly likely since it was a rather large bath towel that I use to dye my hair (currently purple).  They are very large but not quite that large. Upon this towel was centered a red mouse cat toy.   It was waiting for me when I got home.

We have had some of our prior cats seem to understand the idea of trade since they would put toys in their dishes when they were empty.  But this rather nicely arranged offering is beyond me. 

What superhero power would you want?

Oh, heck, give me Captain Marvel’s suite of powers (MCU, which seem to be a combination of the comic book version of Ms. Marvel and when she became Binary).  I want to be able to fly on my own, including between galaxies or at least stars in a reasonable amount of time.

What’s the next book on your reading list?

Hmmm, I have three books I’m reading right now, one pleasantly cheesy post apocalyptic bodice ripper “Deal with the Devil” by Kit Rocha which I’m reading at work over lunch, a fantasy noir detective book “Wake of the Bloody Angel” by Alex Bledsoe, for evening reading,  and a book by John Loftus of Debunking Christianity, “How to Defend the Christian Faith” for picking up more anti-apologist arguments and techniques.  I’m very much liking our subscription to Scribd. 

But for my next book, at least to buy?  I think it might be Gastro Obscura, from the Atlas Obscura folks.  Even though I’m not thrilled with the term, I am indeed a foodie.  I have all kinds of cookbooks, a set of textbooks on how to butcher animals, etc.

What is your favorite quote and why?

““People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.

Attributed to quite a few people. H.G. Wells seems to have gotten closest. Basically, punch the Nazis.

Oh and one more that I forgot

If you could, what year would you time travel to and why?

1561, Nuremberg Germany

What the fuck was going on? Looks like a damn Star Destroyer.

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