Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – God fails again

““I am making a $360 million push so that the nation and New York can tap these funds and help fortify more places of worship,” Schumer said.”

So, everyone’s tax money goes to protecting these places, no matter how much hate they spew.

Hmmm, funny how the gods these people worship do nothing and yet again, it’s up to humans. Psalm 91, among others, is quite a set of failed promises.

24 thoughts on “Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – God fails again

  1. Right. The church up the street from me has signs on all the doors that an armed guard is present during (interdenominational Christian) services. I know people who go to chu8rch armed. Walmart, school, church, ??? Heaven help us. At least that’s the theory.


    1. Since I have anxiety issues from batty brain chemicals, I know what it feels like to be scared all of the time. it has to be quite stupid to make yourself that way from your ignorance and hate.

      heaven help us indeed. this god is quite a failure if anyone expects it to help. that’s why they must invent excuses on why it doesn’t.

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  2. The US Senate is mobbed-up with religion. It is a haven for stupidity, criminality, and delusion, a front for big business and all of its associated mafia.
    So which is worse – religion or politics?


      1. Fair enough. However, religion, to its one credit, gives imaginary comfort to the afflicted. (US) Politics aims to kill the afflicted outright, and succeeds mightily.
        Even St. Bernie is hugely responsible for the daily horrors of hugely expensive F-35s roaring overhead of his constituents’ backyards.


      2. Notibilia, that’s a lie about the gov’t. They don’t try to kill the afflicted as you claim. There is indeed instances of willful ignorance and incompetence but your hyperbolic accusation simply isn’t true.

        and imaginary comfort is no comfort at all. Most, if not all, religions engage in victim blaming to excuse the impotence of their gods.


      3. The Republicans (who were, the US gov’t recently and are soon to be again) are definitely trying to kill the afflicted, and well they have – do you think the pandemic roster of the dead is a lie? Do you think the roster of the global poor dead due to air pollution is a lie? Do you think the enormous disparity between the life years of the poor and the life years of the rich is a lie?
        For-profit medicine kills the poor. Global fossil fuel extraction and mining kills the poor. Lack of economic opportunity and enforced economic sanctions against the poor kills the poor. Where is the “lie” in these facts?
        Religion is a one-way method of sucking money out of the pockets of all their adherents towards the coffers of the leaders, but that siphoning couldn’t happen if the many afflicted people didn’t derive some psychological comfort from the illusions of reward that their religions supply them.


      4. So you are doubling down on your histrionic and false claims? You have claimed that all gov’t is responsible and does no good. That’s not true.

        Do explain why you choose to repeatedly lie? All of those things you mention are not the fault of just the US gov’t or any gov’t.

        When your arguments are little more thought out than idiots like SOM, you destroy any valid points you might have. Continue with this and I will put you on moderation.

        Religion is not just a one way method of sucking money just from their adherents. We are all stuck with them siphoning money off to “protect” their lies, and we are stuck with the hate and ignorance and victim blaming that is inherent in their nonsense. The biggoted, the uneducated may indeed take comfort from such nonsense. A false sense of comfort that also causes all of these real harms is not worth it, and can easily be supplanted with real comfort, not dependent on some imaginary nonsense.


    1. Let’s see – fascist Donald Trump on the one hand, and a Christian giving water to in the desert to refugees on the other hand Which do you prefer – the venal politician or the well-meaning believer?


      1. you are offering no more than all or nothing thinking. In this case, both have caused help and both have caused harm. You wish to ignore anything you don’t like. Trump, though I hate him and his followers, did get the whole vaccine thing going, albeit eventually. The christian may give water but also spews the ignorance, hate and victim blaming inherent in their religion.


      2. Thanks for your responses -it’s always good to explore through comments where others stand, which usually confirms the unabiding tendency of even atheists to be capable of idiocy on other matters.
        You defend the Branch Covidian Trump as somehow Albert Schweitzer – beautiful. And so you resort to the moronic threat of “moderating” somehow challenging comments, as if you developed and own the internet – how Trumpian.


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