What the Boss Likes – this is who I’m donating to for the war in Ukraine

Being an animal lover, and liking them quite a bit more than most people, I’m donating to the International Fund for Animal Welfare. Here’s a link to Charity Navigator to check them out if you wish.

here’s some other worthy charities:

Foundation Beyond Belief

International Red Cross


Woke up this morning at 4 AM, feeling guilty for having a warm, safe bed and one of my kitties tucked up beside me (and one of the others tramping up and down me while trilling). Oh I do wish Sekhmet was real and was out dealing vengeance on the assholes who are committing and supporting this war.

What I can donate isn’t much but it’s better than “thoughts and prayers”.

An aegis of Sekhmet – Walters Art Museum Baltimore, MD, USA

8 thoughts on “What the Boss Likes – this is who I’m donating to for the war in Ukraine

  1. WHAT??!??! You don’t think thoughts and prayers will work? But … but … but! They’re so much easier on the pocketbook! Plus all it takes is a few moments to mumble “God, help Ukraine.” And SURELY “he” will!

    Seriously, I support your efforts. I’ve also donated to the cause and plan to do more. We simply CANNOT let these people down!


  2. Thank you for posting these connections to help the citizens of Ukraine manage against this vile invasion.


    1. Hey Julie, is your ancestry Ukrainian? I can’t remember. I don’t know if I told you that one set of my great-grandparents, though supposedly Hungarian, did get married in Ukraine. of course, borders were quite a bit more fluid back in the early 1900s


      1. I thought we shared some common regional ancestry! All 4 of my grandparents left Ukraine as young people to come to America. They’re gone now, but I see their tears, and can hear their curses for Putin.

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  3. Heavens to Betsy, Club! I hope your lack of faith in “thoughts & prayers” doesn’t start some kind of trend against them! After all, they are the ONLY thing our Congress has to safeguard our children against violence from gunman!

    Seriously though, your gesture is important in so many ways and hopefully will encourage others to do likewise. I know I will. Thanks for the links!!

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