Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – that “convoy”

So, where was that “convoy” that was going to show how upset people were? You know, the one that the treasonous idiots claimed was a-comin’ from California and Alabama?

Oh yes, it was a lie told by cowards aka supporters of trump, anti-vaxxers, wannabee nazis, white supremacists, and other failures.

I grew up seeing truckers as a kind of hero (oh yes, I am a child of the 70s and 80s). They seemed to have ignored these morons,so perhaps most are.

4 thoughts on “Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – that “convoy”

  1. Any day now… I’m sure.

    Yep, any day now. Just like Jeebus. Any day now.

    I grew up in a truck. Over the road owner operator family. You couldn’t drag me back out there (to drive a truck,) with a team of horses. Interstates were dangerous enough back then. More dingbats out there who ain’t got a clue than you can shake a stick at now.

    A lot of them truckers. But mostly left lane camping, tailgaiting, running with the pack, ain’t got good enough sense to adjust for the weather conditions, “four wheelers.” It sure ain’t what it used to be.

    Every time I hear about a 90 car pileup, all I can think is “Morons!” I wish I could get a job doing Drivers Ed. Because whoever has that job here ain’t doing it right. Oh, that’s because there is a LOT of schools here that have no Drivers Ed. whatsoever. Nope, we have bad driver parents that teach their children to drive badly, and a DMV that has an “around the block” drivers test, even for the idiot that failed the test 6 times before they squeaked by.

    Pet peeve of mine, sorry. Carry on 🙂

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  2. Down here in New Zealand we have our own idiotic convoy inspired by the Canada one and consisting of exactly the same types of people you mention, yes even Trunp supporters for some reason. They camped out in front of parliament for 23 days before police finally moved them on.


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