What the Boss Likes – conservative idiots here in PA

I live in Pennsylvania here in the US. We’re a battleground state since one of our senators, a QOP Republican, isn’t running again. So we have a bunch of carpetbaggers trying to claim they are from Pennsylvania and are trying to be Trumpier than Trump.

One of those is the medical shill Mehmet Oz, a tv doctor who has no problem in lying to people about actual medical issues like taking a useless drug for covid. He has put up this completely idiotic video on twitter, trying to blame President Biden for the price of “crudités “, aka a veggie tray as 99% of people in PA would call it. This is a fantastic example of just how stupid these conservatives are, that they would accept an idiot like this. Oh, and he’s supposedly a Muslim too, which just must make their heads explode.

Oz of course isn’t the only QOPidiot here. They are all doing a fantastic job of destroying each other and giving the Democrat senate candidates plenty to work with. I’m personally for John Fetterman, a big dude who does the right thing.

6 thoughts on “What the Boss Likes – conservative idiots here in PA

  1. Good luck in the election. I know a lot of us are concerned with every election these days. The crazy is crazier, the liars pants are on fire, and the swamp has overrun its confines. It feels like we are at a tipping point between rational, logical thought and the yeehaw! Hold my beer brigade.


  2. A Keystoner and Democrat from birth (but a Texan since ’68), it took me a while to recover from 2016. Especially when I heard that Luzern Country went red. OMFG!

    I envy y’all your Lt. Gov (wanna trade?). I loved when he claimed his $-million from our LG clown when John F. proved (republican) voter fraud.

    Good luck Pennsylvania.


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