What the Boss Likes – more kittens!

The little critters are getting bigger and stronger, so they have managed to climb up most things in the spare room we have them in.

getting toes!
the swirly tabbies wrestling
a box of wrestling kittens plus a kick stick I made.

And some photos

2 thoughts on “What the Boss Likes – more kittens!

  1. The nice thing about cats in boxes is that they unpack (and repack) themselves. 😀 I think a Box O’ Many Kittehs is inevitable when one has little ones in the house – somewhere around here is a snapshot of my minuscule Dark Legion of Cats in their cardboard clubhouse, circa 2002.

    And watch out for the orange one in the last picture – that expression is pure “Don’t disturb me while I’m plotting world domination, hooman!”


    1. that‘s ulysses, Hobbes

      okay I feel like my grandmother who has to go down the list of children. It’s Goose, the honorary flerken, which makes sense in a way.

      who has been the quiet one. which explains things.


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