Is God an Abuser?

a good post about how gods, especially the Christian god, has all of the marks of any abusive partner or parent.

The moral character of the Christian God is the question which eventually led me away from Christianity. After a decade of non-belief, I still can’t help but look back to the time when I was such a staunch Christian and ponder the effects it had on me, and the effects it is still having on billions of people around the world. Recently, I’ve become more aware of abusive relationships and the tactics abusers use on their victims, and I thought I’d take a look at the behavior of the Christian God as described in the Bible and by Christians themselves, as well as general observations about the world, to see if God’s relationship with humanity, and especially with His believers, is a healthy one.

For the purposes of this analysis, I’ll be going through this article on WebMD for how to recognize if you’re in an abusive relationship. Unless otherwise indicated, all quotes in this blog post will be quoting this WebMD article. Before we get into the list of things to watch out for, let’s first define what an abusive relationship is. According to WebMD:

An abusive relationship will involve one party using their power over the other party to prevent them from doing anything except what the abusive person wants.

So, if the Christian God is using His power to prevent people from doing anything except what He wants, the relationship is abusive. Anyone who has read much of the Bible may already be noticing a red flag here, as so much of it revolves around obedience to God. Still, let’s hold off our judgment for now. Let’s see how God stacks up against this list of warning signs that your partner might be abusive.

Warning Sign 1: Communication Monitoring”

One thought on “Is God an Abuser?

  1. Yep. That good ole x-ian god is one hell of an abuser. An evil S.O.B. is what Job told me 😉 Nothing but hate/violence/abuse/misogeny/murder/genocide/and bullshit in that book. But they somehow manage to twist it around to some strange pie eyed love of jeebus.

    Freaking absurd. It’s like taking Mein Kampf and calling it a nursery rhyme. Only then, with the bible, they go one step further and bleed the rubes for $$$.

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