What the Boss Likes – the garden

Just some photos of the garden and my deck top veggie “farm”. I rather like the “crop cages” I found on amazon to keep the squirrels and other pests out. They also seem to give just enough diffusion of strong sun and keep in a bit of moisture too.

Currently, I have various herbs, culinary and medical; Black Krim tomatoes; fennel; butter lettuce; and yellow, serrano, and heatless jalapeno chilis growing. I’ve used felt grow bags, some random pots and some kitty litter buckets with holes drilled through them.

You’ll also see bottles that I’ve painted in the pots that I use to keep a constant source of moisture near the roots. I drilled a small hole in the bottles’ original corks and let the water seep through.

That’s a concord grape you see as the big vine.

4 thoughts on “What the Boss Likes – the garden

    1. Thanks, John. I’ve been really concentrating on it this year. It gives me something to think about and do since, as always, I have yet *another* insanely boring job.

      what has driven me absolutely nuts is that I was very careful, put the names of everything I planted on markers in supposedly permanent ink, and every damn one of them somehow evaporated off the marker and I have little idea what I planted where anymore.

      Sigh 🙂

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  1. Those cages look like they do the trick nicely! I’ve just been chucking some stakes in the ground and tossing netting over it… I might have to put a bit more effort in…


    1. I got them since my husband didn’t want to see nettinged plants the main garden; they would block the view too much. These are on a deck/roof over our patio, and they do have bottoms on them so pots can weigh them down.

      they withstood one storm so far. The smaller one is around US$50 and the larger one around US$70. They pop open like little tents. The zippers seem pretty strong but we’ll see what happens after a whole summer.


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