The Boss’s Office

Welcome to the Schadenfreude.  I am your host, Vel (which I like far better than my real name, Andrea).  This is my place, where my opinion reigns and where the bouncers will show you the door if you intend on being a jerk(defined as not participating in discussion, trying to make others do your work for you by only posting links rather than what you think is valid about the link, doing the equivalent of throwing shit at a wall and hoping some of it sticks by posting links and having no idea what is on them, lying and making baseless insults when you have nothing else, among other things. I have no problem in banning people and ridiculing them for the idiots they are. I also have no problem in posting the email addresses and names of people to make them responsible for their comments.)

No time for navel gazing here.  The bartender will light your cigarette, give you a bourbon on the house, lend you a gat if you need it and laugh at your problems.

If you want to know your host, feast your eyes.  I’ve been with the same mate for 30+ years. I love cats, especially snow leopards; lovely predators, even my various felis domesticus.  I am an atheist, one of the “new” variety who are not pussyfooting around religion and probably have my iconoclasm hardwired in me from watching James T. Kirk karate chop gods.  I am smart, likely know something about just about anything and I don’t tolerate willful ignorance.  I find sympathy easy to have but essentially worthless. I dislike most humans but have great hope for humanity. I take great pride in being able to do for myself. And I’m married to the perfect man, who is an awful lot like me.  I love two-fisted heros and spend most of my time reading about them.  If not reading, I’m a fine cook, brewer and a decent seamstress. Dieselpunk is my thing, when it comes to style.

I also get a great amount of pleasure and satisfaction from those who suffer from their own willful ignorance, greed, bigotry, selfishness or arrogance.  Hence, Schadenfreude. Unfortunately, they tend to make the rest of us suffer too.  I do take great amusement in allowing people to post their  hateful screeds here.  Please understand, folks, that any blog owner can see the email address that comments come from.  You aren’t anonymous as you think you are.

If you are curious on how I became an atheist, you can read my “origin story” (alas no superpowers): atheist testimony 

Anyone can email me at velkyn at Comcast dot net  or andreamcc and you’ll see me knocking around the internet as jane ravenswood If you are stupid enough to add me to nasty email lists, well, then we’ll have you as a blog post subject and show just what such people try to do.

32 thoughts on “The Boss’s Office

  1. Already missing your posts over at WWGHA , Vel 😦

    *omitted last few letters on purpose since you introduced yourself as Vel over here *
    Take care and enjoy life

    Best regards



  2. Damn reading this is like looking in a mirror! (except for the part about being married to a man :)) Very glad i found your blog today.

    If you can believe it (it took me a while to grasp it), I’ve seen a snow leopard in the wild. It was in far western Nepal, RaRa Lake. I knew they were around. I knew they inhabited the area and so for weeks i would just walk about taking this path and that path, making new paths, climbing, descending… looking, hoping. A day before i was due to walk out there was a rustle in the grasses along the path i was meandering down, and BOOM! Out he popped, 10 meters away. Not sure if he was more surprised or i was. What i do know is four sets of eyebrows nearly leapt off two foreheads, and there we remained, frozen, staring at each other. Quite the happy event. Remember it like it was yesterday.


    1. Hi John, You’ve done a great job at showing how pathetic someone can be. I am not homosexual, but I would not be sad if I were.

      What a sad little man you are. I am quite happy that people like you comment on my blog because that reminds all of us that people like you still exist.

      Nice to see you are such a coward

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahhaahhhh. Well, LIL, “he” called himself John. Sure seems like a male name. I accept that “he” wants to be called John. No reason to think that the poor thing is either male or female. Calling him a man is actually giving him too much credit.


      2. My comment was actually towards “John.” I actually agree with you, “calling him a man is actually giving him too much credit” indeed.


  3. Hi Vel –

    I like the way you think. Also, to establish a (very weak!) connection, I’ve seen an Eastern Cougar in the wild. (I live in Nova Scotia, Canada) 🙂

    Thought I’d touch base with you. Oh, and love the idea of publishing the addresses of the asshats who comment; I’ve found that the more outrageous they are, the more likely they’re hiding behind an anonymous identity.



    1. Hello Carmen!

      Thanks for the comment. I’ve love to see a wild cougar, only have seen then in the zoo. Nova Scotia looks gorgeous, though a bit cold 🙂

      I’m quite amused to point out twits when they want to try to hide their identities.


    1. hello my favorite commenter on our mutual forum. I am so happy to see you here! Let me know how things are going as you can. and I am an accidental redneck too. My spouse deals with his familial idiots. I think mine are afraid of their plaid sheep.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. OMThor! I’m late … so very late! Just discovered your blog. I’ve seen your comments over and again, but never clicked on your link. Shame, shame on me!

    I shall be a regular visitor now as I’ve added you to my rather loooong list of blogs to follow. 🙂

    P.S. What made me finally click on your link was related to the (rather lengthy) discussion you were having with “Joe” at True and Reasonable (a misnomer for sure).


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