The Boss’s Office

Welcome to the Schadenfreude.  I am your host, Vel (which I like far better than my real name, Andrea).  This is my place, where my opinion reigns and where the bouncers will show you the door if you intend on being a jerk(defined as not participating in discussion, trying to make others do your work for you by only posting links rather than what you think is valid about the link, doing the equivalent of throwing shit at a wall and hoping some of it sticks by posting links and having no idea what is on them, lying and making baseless insults when you have nothing else, among other things. I have no problem in banning people and ridiculing them for the idiots they are. I also have no problem in posting the email addresses and names of people to make them responsible for their comments.)

No time for navel gazing here.  The bartender will light your cigarette, give you a bourbon on the house, lend you a gat if you need it and laugh at your problems.

If you want to know your host, feast your eyes.  I’ve been with the same mate for 30+ years. I love cats, especially snow leopards; lovely predators, even my various felis domesticus.  I am an atheist, one of the “new” variety who are not pussyfooting around religion and probably have my iconoclasm hardwired in me from watching James T. Kirk karate chop gods.  I am smart, likely know something about just about anything and I don’t tolerate willful ignorance.  I find sympathy easy to have but essentially worthless. I dislike most humans but have great hope for humanity. I take great pride in being able to do for myself. And I’m married to the perfect man, who is an awful lot like me.  I love two-fisted heros and spend most of my time reading about them.  If not reading, I’m a fine cook, brewer and a decent seamstress. Dieselpunk is my thing, when it comes to style.

I also get a great amount of pleasure and satisfaction from those who suffer from their own willful ignorance, greed, bigotry, selfishness or arrogance.  Hence, Schadenfreude. Unfortunately, they tend to make the rest of us suffer too.  I do take great amusement in allowing people to post their  hateful screeds here.  Please understand, folks, that any blog owner can see the email address that comments come from.  You aren’t anonymous as you think you are.

If you are curious on how I became an atheist, you can read my “origin story” (alas no superpowers): atheist testimony 

I’m in my mid-50s as of 2020 if that helps figure out how old the testimony is.

Anyone can email me at velkyn at Comcast dot net  or andreamcc and you’ll see me knocking around the internet as jane r@venswood If you are stupid enough to add me to nasty email lists, well, then we’ll have you as a blog post subject and show just what such people try to do.

38 thoughts on “The Boss’s Office

  1. Already missing your posts over at WWGHA , Vel 😦

    *omitted last few letters on purpose since you introduced yourself as Vel over here *
    Take care and enjoy life

    Best regards



  2. Damn reading this is like looking in a mirror! (except for the part about being married to a man :)) Very glad i found your blog today.

    If you can believe it (it took me a while to grasp it), I’ve seen a snow leopard in the wild. It was in far western Nepal, RaRa Lake. I knew they were around. I knew they inhabited the area and so for weeks i would just walk about taking this path and that path, making new paths, climbing, descending… looking, hoping. A day before i was due to walk out there was a rustle in the grasses along the path i was meandering down, and BOOM! Out he popped, 10 meters away. Not sure if he was more surprised or i was. What i do know is four sets of eyebrows nearly leapt off two foreheads, and there we remained, frozen, staring at each other. Quite the happy event. Remember it like it was yesterday.


    1. Hi John, You’ve done a great job at showing how pathetic someone can be. I am not homosexual, but I would not be sad if I were.

      What a sad little man you are. I am quite happy that people like you comment on my blog because that reminds all of us that people like you still exist.

      Nice to see you are such a coward

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahhaahhhh. Well, LIL, “he” called himself John. Sure seems like a male name. I accept that “he” wants to be called John. No reason to think that the poor thing is either male or female. Calling him a man is actually giving him too much credit.


      2. My comment was actually towards “John.” I actually agree with you, “calling him a man is actually giving him too much credit” indeed.


  3. Hi Vel –

    I like the way you think. Also, to establish a (very weak!) connection, I’ve seen an Eastern Cougar in the wild. (I live in Nova Scotia, Canada) 🙂

    Thought I’d touch base with you. Oh, and love the idea of publishing the addresses of the asshats who comment; I’ve found that the more outrageous they are, the more likely they’re hiding behind an anonymous identity.



    1. Hello Carmen!

      Thanks for the comment. I’ve love to see a wild cougar, only have seen then in the zoo. Nova Scotia looks gorgeous, though a bit cold 🙂

      I’m quite amused to point out twits when they want to try to hide their identities.


    1. hello my favorite commenter on our mutual forum. I am so happy to see you here! Let me know how things are going as you can. and I am an accidental redneck too. My spouse deals with his familial idiots. I think mine are afraid of their plaid sheep.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. OMThor! I’m late … so very late! Just discovered your blog. I’ve seen your comments over and again, but never clicked on your link. Shame, shame on me!

    I shall be a regular visitor now as I’ve added you to my rather loooong list of blogs to follow. 🙂

    P.S. What made me finally click on your link was related to the (rather lengthy) discussion you were having with “Joe” at True and Reasonable (a misnomer for sure).


    1. hah, “lengthy” what a kind way to refer to my monster posts 🙂 It’s a shame that Joe doesn’t seem to want to discuss things, but I do appreciate him allowing my posts to remain up.


  5. Thank you for reading the blog and commenting. Life and ministry are extremely busy with so many people needing help and encouragement – some who are atheists or from other religions seeking information, comfort and hope. Those who are unbiased can read many insightful articles by apologists and creationist scientists such as Dr. Damadian who invented the MRI (a personal friend) and others who initially had hostility but eventually gave their lives to Jesus Christ. I would love to meet with you face to face for an hour or so at the ministry center to share some of the miracles this God has done. I am in the process of compiling a book entitled The Impossible that documents some of these many miraculous “coincidences” of God in my life. I would also like to hear you personally share your convincing evidence for the non-existence of God. Looking forward to meeting you. Bill


    1. no reason to believe your claims, brm. You aren’t “extremely busy” at all. And your attempt at lying about people who are “unbiased” fails immediately. Apologists and creationists fail since they have no evidence for their claims. I have no problem in calling bullshit on your claim about Dr. Damadian inventing the MRI. funny how this person isn’t mentioned once here: it seemsm that a Christian yet again decides to lie. quite the lies about Damadian. poor Damadian, has no evidence for young earth creationism. Christians dont’ agree on young earth or old earth since none of them have any evidence for their claims. poor little fellow “I would have gotten there…eventually.” No evidence for that either. What a sad little man.

      I know that JC has done no miracles. But you can have a miracle done at the Lebanon VA center. Do have all of the vets who are stuck there suddenly healed. Please do show these miracles that did happen.

      one more selfish Christian who wants to claim “miraculous coincidences” but can’t explain how a benevolent all-powerful god can’t keep children from dying. But can have Bill find his keys.

      No evidence of any Christian being able to heal as per Mark 16, John 14 and James 5. Do tell us why no Christian can heal the current virus and why Christians die of it.


    2. Bill,

      there is no evidence of the two versions of the creation myth. Do tell us which one is the right one. There is no evidence of the magic flood. Do tell me when it happened and what evidence you have for it. I have plenty of evidence that no flood happened, just the regular geological events, where deposits are laid and then folded over time. I would like to see you fold mud.

      When did the exodus happen? Why is it that no one noticed that egypt lost its entire army and its entire food sources? Why didn’t Egypt’s enemies attack? Why do records show that no magical nonsense happened but just the regular events of a civilization? Why did no one notice a major earthquake, the sky darkening and the dead wandering around Roman occupied Jerusalem on a Passover? You’d think that Caiaphas would have been told.

      Why is there no evidence for a man/god made a blood sacrifice by its god during any time? And why does no one notice a guy wandering around with a Roman legion’s worth of men, plus women and children, wandering around Palestine during any time in the past?

      Now we have Christians claiming that the bible is true. But no baptized believer in Christ as savior can heal anyone as Jesus Christ promised. Why is that, Bill? Why can’t you?


      1. Hi Vel, I watched an interesting documentary tonight. “Pattern’s of Evidence, The Exodus” by Tim Mahoney. He shows archeological evidence of Joseph in Egypt, evidence of a group of Shepard’s who were treated very well by the Egyptian government, evidence that they became slaves and evidence that great calamity hit Egypt resulting in the conquering by the Hyksos. Tim interviews Dave Rohl an agnostic archeologist who claims that many Egyptian scholars have the time line wrong and if it were corrected there is abundant evidence for Israel in Egypt and an Exodus that match the Biblical story. Have you seen the documentary and if so what do you think? Thank-you. Jon


      2. Hi jon,

        I’ve watched Patterns of Evidence. The claims of that movie are full of false claims and misrepresentation of actual archaeology. It is a great example on how Christians are desperate to pretend that they have evidence for their beliefs and that they are willing to deceive themselves and others to create it. I know it is hard to believe that Christians will lie to you, but they do and often.

        You say this “ “Pattern’s of Evidence, The Exodus” by Tim Mahoney. He shows archeological evidence of Joseph in Egypt, evidence of a group of Shepard’s who were treated very well by the Egyptian government, evidence that they became slaves and evidence that great calamity hit Egypt resulting in the conquering by the Hyksos. Tim interviews Dave Rohl an agnostic archeologist who claims that many Egyptian scholars have the time line wrong and if it were corrected there is abundant evidence for Israel in Egypt and an Exodus that match the Biblical story. Have you seen the documentary and if so what do you think? Thank-you. Jon”

        Let’s take a look at the parts that seem to have impressed you.

        “Shepherds who were treated very well by the Egyptian government”

        Ancient Egypt was a cosmopolitan nation. They traded with other groups including Canaanites aka Israelites ( the bible claims of genocide are false: We have no evidence that there was a Joseph who was in a very high position in any Egyptian reign, and no evidence of a famine and a storing of multiple years worth of grain. We also have that during the dates that the movie wants to claim as true, entirely different things were happening in Egypt and again, no one noticed the exodus, just like no one noticed a 28,000+ foot deep flood at some other date made up by Christians.

        “evidence that they became slaves”

        No evidence for this at all at any time during any Egyptian reign. There is also no evidence of 600,000 men, plus their families and animals (slaves having animals?) leaving Egypt at any time and wandering around an area half the size of Pennsylvania for 4 decades, an area that was already occupied. No one noticed them, not one latrine or trash pit full of quail bones have been found, not one grave.
        “evidence that great calamity hit Egypt resulting in the conquering by the Hyksos”

        Again, no evidence of ten very specific plagues. All we have is the attempt by Christians to lie and try to claim that one catastrophe was equivalent to ten, with no description of those ten plagues. We also have none of Egypt’s enemies noticing that all of Egypt’s army was destroyed, and evidence that the army was still around, and none of Egypt’s enemies noticing that Egypt lost all of its food supplies *and* all of its water supplies. Humans can only live about a week in a temperate environment without water. Egypt is not temperate:

        “Dave Rohl an agnostic archeologist who claims that many Egyptian scholars have the time line wrong”
        Rohl got his baseless claims from Immanuel Velikovsky, who was quite a loon with other ridiculous claims. Rohl has a BA in Egyptian studies and went no further. Rohl also claims he is an agnostic but he says he believes that the events in Exodus literally happened, so he literally believes in the god they speak about. He is no agnostic at all, but it sure makes a better story if a Christian can lie about the provenance of his information.

        They both try to find a place in Egyptian history that they can try to claim fits somewhat with the bible stories, and then try to change the time line to make it fit with the bible claims. That isn’t how research works. We also have many other claims of the “real” date, and unsurprisingly, they have no more, or less evidence, than Rohl. Since they have no evidence for their nonsense, no reason to believe them and plenty of reason to believe in the standard timeline that has evidence supporting it. Rohl also tries the “local flood” excuse for the Noah flood, and that the bible is simply wrong with its claims. Do you find that to be believable too? Rohl is such a classic cherry picker and outright liar. There is a good review of Rohl’s false claims and misrepresentations in his supposed research here:
        The attempts by “alternate history” advocates depends on lots of acrobatics, attempts to baselessly claim that different names are used for the same people to try to shoehorn in myths, attempts to claim that different cities are called different thigs, etc. We also have theists trying to claim that the reason that there is no mention of the ten plagues is that Egypt didn’t record their failures, but then these same people try to point to the Ipuwer Papyrus where Egypt does record its calamities, and tries to claim that the events in that papyrus are “really” the ten plagues, when none of those are mentioned. We have a mention of blood but that is nothing more than a mention of death happening, and the dead being cast in the Nile. That’s it. No frogs, no rain of fire, no loss of all the first born, etc.

        I would ask you to read this, including considering the sources cited by the articles and following those links, and learn why archaeologists don’t believe the false claims of those attempting to claim that the bible is true. and

        When we have absence of evidence that the exodus happened and we have evidence that Egypt went about its usual existence like any other civilization, there is no reason to believe the bible’s stories and the god described in them.

        please come back after reading these sources and let me know what you think.


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