What the Boss Likes – a follow-up to a prior post

atheist plus
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Some of you might remember when I blogged about the controversy over “atheist plus”.  Someone disssed a hero of mine, Neil Armstrong, so I finally stopped ignoring the fence.  One of my recent commenters here was kind enough to comment on another post and I went out to see his website.  That got the whole thing started again.  I wanted to give this a little more air than just replying in comments here. All of this just goes to show that atheism means nothing more than having no belief in gods and that atheists are as varied as theists. We’re all so-very human. And that’s what the Boss likes.

The comment (from the link above)I am replying to from “myatheistlife“:

I used ‘my atheism’ in reference to atheism plus because they insist that to be a good atheist you must agree with their platform of social justice… which of course really isn’t social justice. It’s more feminism than social justice. They do not promote equality for all unless they’ve undergone radical doctrinal changes quite recently. Their use of censorship in several forms and insistence that even those who originally supported the idea be censored because they actually believed in equality for all is the reason that I have no kind words to say about atheism plus-ers.

When you assert that for me to be a good atheist I must agree to your social justice ideals it is ‘my atheism’ that we’re talking about. My understanding of this group is not easily said in a sound-bite so where you read those words may have been less than illuminating. For the record, atheism plus is a bad choice of names in the views of many. When you read it, it does not say social justice, it says atheism plus something else. Atheism is not a world view. They might as well have said ‘godless people doing stuff’ but the idea as I understood it was that atheist doesn’t carry enough of a world view for them so they wanted something more but used the same name. It didn’t help them nor atheists in general.

Consider the Westboro baptist church. When you mention that name and someone is unsure of who you mean as in the case of calling them the WBC, the easy way to clarify is to say those ‘god hates fags’ protest people.
When you say atheism plus and are asked to clarify, what comes to mind? The feminazi atheist club. They’ll have to work pretty hard to get over that one.”

I find your excuse to be weak, MAL.  You could have written the sentence without the word “my” but you didn’t. Your post demonstrates repeatedly that you think you have some right to the term “atheist” and the concept of atheism, declaring anyone who doesn’t agree with you a “cult” (how reminiscent of how religions treat new sects) and using “my” only underlines that fact.  You cannot cope with people coming up with a phrase that dares use the term “atheist” in a way that you do not approve of.  If you did not think you owned that term, there is little reason you would be upset.  For example, if I saw someone say “ailurophile plus” I wouldn’t have a fit over someone else claiming to like cats *and* something else. In this post above, you want to claim that “atheist plus” people claim that a “good atheist” are those who agree with them.  I identify as atheist plus and I find that a “good” atheist is one that can defend their atheism, not some moral view.  And you, MLA, have decided that you can call atheist plus people “bad”.  How curious that you find it acceptable to do yourself, declaring that anyone who disagrees with you is good or bad. It seems hypocritical. Continue reading “What the Boss Likes – a follow-up to a prior post”


What the Boss Likes – Taking a stand because you dissed one of my heros

Angry kitteh

I’ve been watching, and occasionally kibitzing on, the misogyny on various atheism blogs and then watched the misogyny get carried over into the atheism plus discussion, which gets its own flak.  It seems that some people, self-described atheist or not, self-described skeptic or not, sure get their panties in a wad when they don’t get their way and the external validation they evidently desperately need.  (BTW, I post on the freethought blogs as hexidecima since for some weird reason some of the blogs won’t accept my wordpress credentials).  What I’m writing now is based on 10,000 foot view of what the situation seems like to me, not one in the trenches.  I may be wrong on exactly how things started but where things have ended up is pretty clear.  And when it comes to seeing a hero of mine dissed and dissed carelessly, I do love to get my teeth into the issue.

First, we had some atheists getting in a snit over someone being called on their various bad behaviors and the request for policies standing against sexual harassment at real world events (this post seems to be a good rundown on how things started).  You know, in the 21st century, I’d think we’d at least be having more of a clue on how to treat people, even if we still don’t have personal jet packs.  If someone doesn’t like you, or does not want your attentions, and tells you to stop, that’s what you do. You don’t whine that the person has no right to tell you want to do or no right to complain; you admit you are wrong and learn from it.  Maybe next time, you’ll act like a human being and not have such trouble getting positive attention that you must revel in the negative.  I got enough of this crap in the gaming and historical recreation communities. Continue reading “What the Boss Likes – Taking a stand because you dissed one of my heros”