From the Bar – Clos LaChance 2009 Chardonnay (Santa Cruz Mountains)

We don’t go out much, my husband and I.  We’re generally happy to get wine, beer, groceries and settle in for a quiet weekend.  This weekend was lovely, gorgeous weather, and thanks to work being the emotion-draining experience it is, I had no energy to actually go out and enjoy it.  So we drank and cooked and watched television.  

wine label

The wine for the weekend, in addition to a box of Franzia chianti and a case of Leinenkugel’s fall sampler (no, we didn’t drink *all* of that….yet), was Clos LaChance 2009 Chardonnay (Santa Cruz Mountains).  It was chosen because he wanted a chardonnay and it had a hummingbird on the label. My mother-in-law, Betty, loved humming birds.    

This was opened to go with the meal of the weekend, gyros, made with Alton Brown’s recipe for gyro meat and tzatziki.(note: I’d back off on the rosemary in this recipe, to about a half a tablespoon).  The wine was a very good choice for this.  It was intense enough to stand up to very garlicky meat and sauce (I essentially consider garlic a vegetable), but not tasting like one was sucking on a piece of lumber.  The nose struck me first, very much like pineapple soda.  Now, there seems to be people in the world who like that stuff and those who don’t, very much like there are people who like mushrooms and not, anchovies and not, etc.  Like the wine’s website says, the taste is largely carmel and vanilla with tropical fruits.  There’s enough minerality and acidity to keep it from being cloying.  This was probably the best chardonnay we’ve had since stumbling upon the 1996 Meridian which was excellent. 

Watched a good, for the Syphy Channel (who would have thought that I would be able to tell my 12 year old self “there’s nwo a channel supposedly for science fiction but you’ll rarely watch it because it sucks”), movie, Dragon Sword. It’s also known as George and the Dragon.  It has a scad of aging action star types, Val Kilmer, Patrick Swazye, and James Purefoy (always loved him from A Knight’s Tale, another wonderfully fun movie).  It was a hoot, with plenty of humor scattered through out, but not a comedy.  

Wine, good food and a fun movie with my husband, just what the doctor ordered.

What the Boss Likes – Iron Sky Review

Space Nazis!

Find a way to see Iron Sky.  Yes, you want to; you really really want to.  Do what Vel says.  But fair warning, it is not politically correct at all in the best way possible.  If you are offended by “tea party” icons and ideals vigorously ridiculed, it’s my guess you’ll have a lot of trouble with this movie.   

This movie isn’t quite what I thought it was going to be when I first blogged about it.  It’s better.  The cgi is phenomenal, and damn near miraculous looking for a low-budget production and the story is funny, vicious and cynical.  Hopefully without giving too much away by just saying this, I have to say that this is on par with a movie I very much love: Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.

SPOILERS and such below the jump. You have been warned. Continue reading “What the Boss Likes – Iron Sky Review”

What the Boss likes – Iron Sky

Dieselpunk is one of the many ‘punks out there. Back in the 80’s and 90’s it was cyberpunk, the dystopian future where corporations owned everything and computers were large and no one seemed to have a cell phone. I played Shadowrun, knew about Cyberpunk, read William Gibson and others, etc. Rather funny to now look back on what technology was supposed to be, but hey, maybe we’ll have a real quick change after December 21 this year when things are supposed to go wacky.  

Lately it’s been all gears and steampunk, aka gaslight fantasy, etc, Jules Vernian science fiction and bustle dresses with none of the inconvenient racism, sexism, etc. (I did this too, gathered people together down at a DragonCon for the first time one year).  I do love them both but dieselpunk has raised its head and I think its is my favorite and will remain so.  I’m a WWII junkie and love the pulps from the 20s-50s. Once I get my sewing room back, I’m going to be fiddling with some costuming from that era.  This seems to be the pre-eminent forum for Dieselpunk:   

Dieselpunk is generally split into Ottensian and Piecraftian. More on this here:  I’m an Ottensian but I do want my Nazis to punch.  Yep, I did read Captain American comics.  The movie was fantastic but unfortunately, Marvel has screwed the pooch in the comic version. No, Cap would *not* walk out of the room so someone could be tortured.  Here’s a good blog about that perversion:  

What prompted this post is that Iron Sky is finally finished. What is that?  Just four words: Nazis on the Moon!  It looks fantastic and I hope some theatre near me gets it. If, not, it’ll be the DVD route for me. The other reason this will be awesome is that it makes fun of Sarah Palin.  Always a bonus!  

Here’s the theatrical trailer:   

Official website: