Not So Polite Dinner Conversation: lies told about Planned Parenthood, so does religion make you more moral?

The attacks on Planned Parenthood were started with a lie, continued with lies when the Christian organization, Center for Medical Progress (known to have lied before), intentionally tried to edit the videos to present people untruthfully, and have continued with the lies told by politicians who are too lazy or too biased to care about the truth.

What does it say about a religion that requires lies to press its claims? What does it say about those who remain willfully ignorant and who spread such lies? It seems that both are not interested in truth or freedom, but only in control.

It also seems that these folks sure didn’t notice those parts of the bible that say that lying is a big no-no, especially lying about other people.

Postscript (08/2/2015):   I’m not fond of HuffPo, but one has to go where the data is.  More evidence that the actions of TrueChristians are dependent on falsehoods:

Postscript (08/03/2015) – and more

Indeed, as this source says at the end, if the supposed “pro-life” people were indeed pro-life, they would never think to try to defund Planned Parenthood.  Their actions show, in no uncertain terms, that all they want is control.

Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – where we find more lies told by TrueChristians, in order to defame people….. Pity that the bible insists that lying is a sin

Not surprisingly, TrueChristians(tm)  are trying to destroy Planned Parenthood, an organization that helps many more women than any set of prayers.

They need to lie to do so.  Not surprising at all.  And what god hates liars?  Oh yes, the Christian one….

To find the facts, and not Christian lies, you can go here:

Thanks, my dear TrueChristians(tm), who show again that your religion isn’t anything to be admired and that you don’t even follow it yourselves.   So much for your demands for putting the first 1o commandments from Exodus on public buildings.  Bearing false witness seems to be a biggie.