Not So Polite Dinner Conversation: lies told about Planned Parenthood, so does religion make you more moral?

The attacks on Planned Parenthood were started with a lie, continued with lies when the Christian organization, Center for Medical Progress (known to have lied before), intentionally tried to edit the videos to present people untruthfully, and have continued with the lies told by politicians who are too lazy or too biased to care about the truth.

What does it say about a religion that requires lies to press its claims? What does it say about those who remain willfully ignorant and who spread such lies? It seems that both are not interested in truth or freedom, but only in control.

It also seems that these folks sure didn’t notice those parts of the bible that say that lying is a big no-no, especially lying about other people.

Postscript (08/2/2015):   I’m not fond of HuffPo, but one has to go where the data is.  More evidence that the actions of TrueChristians are dependent on falsehoods:

Postscript (08/03/2015) – and more

Indeed, as this source says at the end, if the supposed “pro-life” people were indeed pro-life, they would never think to try to defund Planned Parenthood.  Their actions show, in no uncertain terms, that all they want is control.

36 thoughts on “Not So Polite Dinner Conversation: lies told about Planned Parenthood, so does religion make you more moral?

      1. he’s actually a medical doctor, an ophthalmologist. What is notable is that he didn’t like the national certifying organization, and invented his own, which had an open book take home test. Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t recognized by other actual medical groups.

        I find this amusing since my current work is with regulating nurses and I know that their certifying test most certainly isn’t open book and take home.


      2. Yeah, I heard he got his qualifications from an institution he founded. Hilarious! You know what i’m going to be next week? An astrobiologist-cum-cosmologist. I’ll register my institution this afternoon: “The JZ Centre for Advancing JZ.”


    1. And what does this mean, SOM? Just another TrueChristian lie? Thank you so much for giving even more evidence that morality has nothing to do with which imaginary being someone believes in.


      1. Club,

        It shows how brutal and without any morals whatsoever are leftists, especially atheists.

        You folks find nothing wrong with selling butchered baby parts for profit but howl like stuck pigs at the manner in which this pure, ruthless barbarism was exposed to the world.


      2. SOM, it wasn’t atheists who tried to tell what was an apparent attempt at a “joke” about aborted fetuses as you did. Congrats at being a hypocrite and a twit. 🙂

        Again, nice lies you are telling, SOM. Please do show where “baby parts” are sold at a profit. You and your TrueChristian(tm) friends couldn’t and had to intentionally lie to try to make it look like this was happening. These people had to misrepresent themselves, and when their little attempt to find facts that supported them failed, then they intentionally lied by editing the videos in an attempt to show something that wasn’t true. Amazing activities for people who claim to follow a book that says “you shall not bear false witness”, and that repeatedly says that liars and lies are anathema to this supposed god. How many times does it say that liars deserve death and/or damnation, SOM?

        There was no “pure ruthless barbarism”, only lies told by people like you. The only thing “exposed” was that Christianity doesn’t make anyone more moral, but it sure makes them tell lies if they can’t support their claims.


      3. Club,

        The lazy atheist mongrel must learn to do his own research.

        I’ve learned long ago that the mongrel atheist simply denies anything that lays waste to his precious barbarism.

        Planned Parenthood has employed the Democrat Party and a powerful marketing firm to quash the truth about their slaughter of babies and their butchered body parts.


      4. My my, using the word “mongrel” now. 🙂 You do dig yourself deeper and deeper. Keep going, SOM. Show the world just what you are.

        And now, more baseless claims, so desperately made that you expect others to do your work for you in order to support them. Again, SOM, I offer you the chance to show that you are not a liar. Show evidence for your claims. I suspect you will refuse again. Since I have researched your claims and have found no evidence to support them and plenty of evidence refuting your claims, you are again shown to be an intentional liar. How is it that you, a TrueChristian(tm), ignore some of the few good bits in the bible?

        Thanks for showing how you are liar and can’t provide evidence for your claims. It’s a shame that there are indeed honest good people who happen to be Christians and that they have to share the term with you, SOM.


      5. Club,

        I am being kind by using the word, “mongrel.”

        There really is no pejorative term potent enough to describe people who advocate the slaughter of babies and the harvesting, for profit, of their butchered body parts.


      6. Again, you are telling more lies and of course have nothing to support them. Alas, repeating lies makes them no more true. Keep going, SOM. You have great company in using the word “mongrel”, don’t you? Nazis, Ted Nugent, racist twits, etc. Again, you do show just what you are, SOM.

        Hmmm, you seem expert in the use pejorative terms (a word or phrase that has negative connotations or that is intended to disparage or belittle, so what kind of pejorative term should be used against someone who advocates raping children? Killing millions of children, including babies, for the acts of another? Killing millions of fetuses, if not billions, before they are even born?


      7. Club,

        The execs of Planned Parenthood have condemned themselves with their own words.

        That you accept the cover-up without question demonstrates the brainlessness and heartlessness that must necessarily flow from atheism.

        You and people like you, are the best argument against atheism.


      8. Again, SOM, the evidence for your claims please. The PP execs did not condemn themselves with their own words. We know this because the TrueChristians(tm), had to do their best to edit the videos to make it seem like they did and they still failed. If your, and their, claims were true, then no editing would have been needed.

        Again, no evidence presented by you of any “cover-up”. I’ve been asking and you still run away from giving any evidence. Still nothing to show that atheism somehow causes “brainlessness and heartlessness”.

        And golly, no answer on what pejorative term to use against someone who kills babies and children and condones their rape. Hmmm, why is that SOM?

        Exactly what about me and people like me is the best argument against atheism? Or is this just more vague claims with no evidence, SOM? You want to make the claim, show the evidence. Or you are just lying and bearing false witness again.


      9. Club,

        Here it is in all its horror.

        But let me predict that you will reject it out of hand based on the logical fallacy called Argumentum ad hominim.

        If you hang on to the last couple of minutes you can what them actually sifting through butchered baby body parts.


      10. Ah, always grand to see you sure that I won’t watch something and then you can insist that I am wrong. I watched it and there is nothing like you claimed that the PP people have said. Now, again, SOM, you can tell me at what minute mark says what you’ve claimed. Can you do so? Or is it again that you have nothing to support what you have claimed?

        You also are claiming that I am using an ad hominem fallacy. Please do show where I have done this. Or are you again flailing about making false claims? You see, SOM, an ad hominem fallacy is where someone mentions something unrelated to the discussi0n, like saying that someone dresses strangely, therefore no one should believe their arguments. Evidence that I have done this please. If you cannot provide this, there is no reason to believe you and again it shows that you are lying.

        It’s also that lovely edited version, so again, why is it that TrueChristians(tm) have to edit things to lie? Where does the PP person say “It’s a boy”? You claimed that was true, so where is your evidence? Again, where’s that minute mark that supports your claims?

        It’s great fun to watch you lie and lie again. I do wonder, do you think your god can’t see you doing this?


      11. Club,

        Again, you prove my point about just how willfully stupid and morally bankrupt is the atheist.

        And did I not predict your rejection of the proof you demanded, before I even presented it to you?


      12. Again, SOM, still waiting for that evidence. Where did anyone say what you claimed that they said? You gave the video as evidence, so you certainly should be able to give exactly where they said what you claimed. But you can’t, can you?

        Where does anyone say “It’s a boy.”? Where does anyone say that they are selling body parts for profit? You lie again when you say I haven’t watched the video and that I reject it out of hand. I have watched it and again, I know that your claims are false about it. That isn’t rejecting it, but knowing exactly what it says and what you have said. Anyone can watch it and know that your claims are false. here, I’ll post it myself:

        You can still salvage this by showing the times where the video supports you. Still waiting.


      13. Club,

        By the way, it took me less than a minute to google the Planned Parenthood vid which shows how totally lazy and intellectually vapid is the atheist.


      14. Yep, I can google that video too. What no one can find is any evidence that anyone said what you’ve claimed. let’s review:

        First we have you say “You should have heard a Planned Parenthood babe as she was sifting through baby parts.
        “It’s a boy!” she said.”

        Then we have you insist “Those words were actually said by a babe at Planned Parenthood.”

        I’ve asked where this has occurred. You have provided an edited video where none of this has occurred. So, again, I can see a TrueChristian™ lie again and again. I wonder, SOM, do you pray really hard that I don’t watch the videos, so I don’t know you are lying again?


      15. Rest your case all you want, SOM. Of course, not one scrap of evidence for your “case”, despite me asking repeatedly. Since you cannot provide evidence, and you have been shown to be a liar, it certainly is funny to see you baselessly accusing me of being an “intellectual and moral invalid”. It’s even more fun to watch you try to claim that I am a “mongrel”.

        Again, SOM, where has anyone from PP said what you have claimed that they have said? It seems that you are a liar, just like Fox News and just like those TrueChristians(tm) who repeatedly lied. Hmmm, is it that you think you don’t have to obey “you shall not bear false witness”? How about some other good verses about lying from the bible:

        “There are six things that the Lord hates, seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among brothers.”

        ” For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false witness, slander. These are what defile a person.”

        Thanks, SOM, for definitively showing yet again that you are a liar and that there is no reason to believe you or your religion, especially since you have no respect for it either.


      16. Finally. I knew you could do it, SOM. It’s hilarious when you refuse to put up evidence and I know that evidence is there. I wonder why you are so afraid. Well, really I don’t wonder, I know why you and people like you are so afraid of actually putting up evidence. It always makes your claims look even worse.

        okay, let’s review.

        SOM claims this “You should have heard a Planned Parenthood babe as she was sifting through baby parts.

        “It’s a boy!” she said.”

        I am glad that you finally did show the video that said what you claim. It does a great job at showing that you did your best to try to present the quote out of context as usual, SOM. The “scary” echo at the end of the video is just wonderful to show just how lacking of actual evidence this Christian group is. Again, why all of the editing? Why is the false claim of selling body parts for a profit repeated? Why is the lie that it is illegal to do what PP does repeated? Why do Christians tell intentional lies?

        As the video shows, lab staff did indeed show exactly what goes on with the remains of aborted fetuses. Now, SOM, other than calling a brain a brain, and an eyeball an eyeball, and a penis a penis, how do you think people should talk about biological specimens? Is this what offends you? Is it that people aren’t as serious as you would like? If they were serious, what else would you invent to complain about?

        For you to be so offended that fetuses are being destroyed, then you should be entirely more offended that, if we are to believe your claims about your god, it causes the exact same destruction of billions of fetuses intentionally. Where’s the horror for this, SOM? I’m quite happy to call it a horror if your god exists; but it doesn’t. Humans have invented ways to keep miscarriages from happening and for understanding why such things happen. How have we done this? With research, including that on fetal tissue. We don’t need to claim that women miscarry because your god is angry with them.

        Again, you call me a mongrel because I support abortion access and fetal tissue research. What do you call someone who murders actual children, SOM? Why won’t you answer this question, SOM? And speaking of you calling me a mongrel, it seems you have some issues with “purity”, SOM, if you find “mongrel” the worse supposed insult you could offer. I’m quite happy to be a mongrel, of many different ancestries. Who is “pure” enough, SOM?

        It’s unfortunate that women must choose abortions. It’s a shame that people like you, SOM, make this a necessity because you do your best to refuse women birth control and do your best to lie to children about sex.

        If there has to be abortions, then something good can come of it. Fetal tissue research has benefited you and me, SOM. It has benefited humans. If a piece of something what could have become a human helps a human who is here right now, then that is a benefit. Parkinson’s patients benefit; we get research on birth defects, helping children; vaccines were started on fetal cells saving billions of lives, including yours and mine and our ancestors; we get research on diseases like ALS and Alzheimer’s, nerve injury, etc.

        Complain all you want. Modern medicine uses fetal tissue and has saved lives. That sure is better than all of the failed claims of healing and prayer that theists can offer.


      17. Club,

        You are lazy. It vexes me to have to make effort for you and then have you turn your nose up at it.

        You acted exactly as I predicted, too.

        So don’t ever ask me to waste my time on you again.

        If you are too lazy and stupid to learn for yourself, you’re a lost cause.


      18. Ah, more baseless claims about me. Just how is showing that you are a liar by citing your claims and the facts that obliterate them and being more than happy to offer links for the video you make claims about being “lazy”?

        Hmmm, you claimed this “But let me predict that you will reject it out of hand based on the logical fallacy called Argumentum ad hominim.” If your prophecy was so true, surely you can quote me where I’ve done this, right? Show me this “ad hominem” argument I’ve used: “An ad hominem (Latin for “to the man” or “to the person”), short for argumentum ad hominem, means responding to arguments by attacking a person’s character, rather than to the content of their arguments.” –

        Your predictions are about as valid as the usual Christian prophecies. I’ve had a lovely TrueChristian recently try the little threats of how the end times are a-comin’ real soon now.

        I will be most happy to quote you when you slither back here again. All I’ve asked you to do is present evidence for your claims; claims you made when you chose to come here. I got to see how well that worked out. 🙂


  1. “It shows how brutal and without any morals whatsoever are leftists, especially atheists.”

    Claims SOMone who’s unaware of (or unwilling to recognize) the existence conservative & libertarian atheists.


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