What the Boss Likes – our garden

It’s been a good spring for our flowers. The company I worked for this spring ended up going on hiatus dependent on a new owner. So, if it starts up again, I have job; if not, oh well. I’m using the time to tidy up the garden amongst other things.

and here’s a couple of cat pictures, and one of a beer I made. It’s Northern Brewer’s Lime Tree Lager and it is astonishingly good. This is the first lager I’ve tried. I added some lime zest to strengthen the lime flavor.

What the Boss Likes – Welcome to my garden…

The weather here in south central PA has been good to our garden.  Enough rain has made everything grow like crazy.  Thanks to our new camera, I have some nice photos of what is currently growing.

Our roses


Some random photos of things in the garden

Hope you enjoyed the tour!