What the Boss Likes – our garden

It’s been a good spring for our flowers. The company I worked for this spring ended up going on hiatus dependent on a new owner. So, if it starts up again, I have job; if not, oh well. I’m using the time to tidy up the garden amongst other things.

and here’s a couple of cat pictures, and one of a beer I made. It’s Northern Brewer’s Lime Tree Lager and it is astonishingly good. This is the first lager I’ve tried. I added some lime zest to strengthen the lime flavor.

21 thoughts on “What the Boss Likes – our garden

  1. Lovely, especially the poppies and roses! I can’t really have roses in my yard, because I don’t get enough sun. The front of my small townhouse house is north-facing, and so always in shade. It has azaleas and hostas and ground cover, but can’t do roses. I have one sunny spot, but it has a huge clump of daylilies that I don’t want to lose. The backyard for years was totally shaded by a neighbor’s massive tree and my large deck, so that was all shade too. A few years back they took out the tree, but put in a privacy fence that also blocks the sun. So I just have to enjoy everybody else’s roses, and keep putting in more ferns under the deck.

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    1. Weirdly enough, I was able to have roses in my initially very shady backyard. Now, since the neighbor cut down his magnolia (sad) I get far far more sun so I guess you win some you lose some. My ferns and hostas are currently doing a darwinian fight on which will take up more room.

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      1. I know. it was an old one too. It did lose a major branch, which, ahem, made my sculpture of the three graces a little more “antiqued” than necessary, but I still loved its flowers.


  2. Absolutely beautiful, brother! One of my lasting pleasures is a flower garden and my wife and I love spending time working on them and lounging in them. In York, Maine we have Rosa Ragusa beginning to bud along the shore line; they not only look beautiful, they make the whole property smell beautiful fragrant! that and our Lilac bushes, white and purple. “What God Hath Wrought!” (Kidding, lol!)


    1. I have one 18 foot tall lilac, just one “trunk”, which is so weird. We have Longwood Gardens here in PA which is just gorgeous. My husband and I went to it and in summer evenings they often have fireworks and music.

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      1. that is a little strange, they are usually bushy. My wife worked one into looking like a tree but it still; has multiple trucks. Big, shady and incredibly fragrant though. A white lilac.


      1. A MAJOR benefit having bees! We need them badly and it’s sad to watch them disappearing! Great to help them along with flowering gardens and trees! Love watching them with our grandchildren and telling them how they work and help our plants.


  3. My goodness, Club! For a degenerate psychopath you are quite the artist and gardener. And your little kitty is adorable! How does a sweet little creature like that tolerate you?


      1. This is SOM, who thinks calling someone a “degenerate psychopath” is being nice to someone. SOM is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to demonstrating what Christianity can cause in a human being.


      2. always great fun to see poor SOM thinking that calling people “degenerate psychopath” is being nice. SOM tries to pretend he is friendly but alas for him, his true colors show as soon as he is thwarted.

        Keep going, SOM. You are doing my work for me.


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