From the Bar – Bully Hill Vineyards

Being from the hinterlands of the East Coast, local wines tend to be sweet.  Some gawdawful cloyingly sweet and some basically off-dry (I don’t think I’ve had a truly dry wine from around here).  But they all have taste and body, sniffed at by “experts” as “unsophisticated” country wines.  My predilection for these makes many of the named wines from Europe (Chateau Neuf De Pape, nouveau Beaujolais, etc) taste bitter, rotted and thin.

I like Bully Hill because it’s good and those pretty labels are simply friendly (I like goats, what can I say?). I’ve had a good number of their wines and even if it spikes their dry/sweet graph on the dry side, it’s not as dry as, say, a French burgundy.  I’ve made a fine Béarnaise sauce using their American Riesling and prefer the Banty Red or the Grower’s Red for drinking. Banty is a bit more acidic than the Grower’s, and I do get a little more indigestion with it.

3 thoughts on “From the Bar – Bully Hill Vineyards

  1. Though I tend to be one of those more snobby wine drinkers, Bully Hill is one of my nostalgiac favorites. I grew up near that winery and even went on a class field trip to it when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade. Anything made by Walter Taylor will always have a place in my heart and wine cellar.


    1. Hi, screwtape. oh, you got to go to a winery in elementary school. 🙂 My class managed to go to peanut butter factory(I personaly managed to get sick and have to stay home whenver a field trip happened).


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