From the Kitchen – thick hot chocolate aka cocoa lava

In what now seems like the Paleozoic, I visited Spain (and Portugal and Morocco) on a high school trip.  I loved the thick hot chocolate that we would get for breakfast.  I could never figure out how to make it, failing dramatically with adding too much cocoa, cooking it for too long in an attempt to reduce it, etc.  Then after I get married and told my husband about my long missed cocoa, my husband says “I have an idea”.  And promptly makes it (a very high IQ does make a difference even in cooking evidently).  His secret? A box of to be cooked chocolate pudding and twice as much milk as called for.  Follow the directions, watch it thicken and that’s it.  And it’s soooooo good. Feel free to add cinnamon, whipped cream, Irish cream, rum, espresso powder, a bit of cayenne, etc.   

Beware, there’s a reason that it’s called “lava”.  Another good term would be “napalm”.

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