From the Bar – Root 1 Camenere

From the Bar – Root 1 Carmenere

A Chilean wine, this is one of those from what is claimed to be a rediscovered “lost grape ofBordeaux”.  The bottle is quite nice, thinner than usual with a painted label.  The price at the PLCB was $10.99 US. The vintage was 2009.

At the “root” of it, I like this wine.  To me, it reads like a cross between a cab and a pinot noir, with the best characters of each.  I do like it since it stays very steady in flavor as you drink, not ending up flat at the end.  It’s off-dry, but not “sweet”, and as such, can and does go with various food.  Of course, this comes from someone who likes the truly sweet wines of the northeast US.  

The flavors are very much blackberry and you guessed it, *wine*.   Maybe I don’t have a “sophisticated” palate, but when wine “enthusiasts” claim a handful or so “flavors” in a wine, I find it pretty much like religion, everyone wants to feel like a special snowflake. 

and what a nifty thing to do with the bottle (I haven’t a clue who this person is but I like their idea):

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