Reason Rally, March 24, 2012 – Washington, DC

If you are an atheist, a freethinker, or just someone who wants to make sure no one gets gov’t into your religion or religion into your gov’t, come to the Reason Rally in Washington DC on March 24, 2012.   This should be a great time of people who share common ground to get together and enjoy a lovely venue and each other.  Be sure to visit at least one museum while you’re there!  I’m partial to the National Air and Space Museum.  

Of course, as this has been getting more media attention, it’s also getting more theist attention.  We even have a group that says they’re coming to the Rally with their goal being  “Our goal is to demonstrate a humble, loving and thoughtful response to the Reason Rally.”  This is the group True Reason, who seems to be ever so sure that atheists, et al, have *never* seen their wonderful apologetics, aka excuses, for their religion and its failures.  They seem quite intent on spending $5000 or more to help us understand just how right they are and how much reason belongs to Christianity and only Christianity. They’ll have a booklet on their apologetics for us.  Oh and they’ll supposedly have free water too (by smacking a rock with a magic stick?).  Anyone convert this to wine?  Make a quick run over toWalter Reed ArmyMedical Center and heal some amputees? Anyone? Bueller?     

Having been a atheist for a while now, and having participating on the WWGA forums for far too long, I can pretty much guess exactly what their reasons might be: 

The existence of universe shows that their god exists.  They will often support this by citing the bible, Romans 1 to be precise.

Alas, all religions say this.  I need some evidence it was the bible god.

There are billions of Christians so that must make their religion true.

This is always a good one since Christians are often attacking each other over who really knows what their god meant.  I can remember the anti-Catholic bias back in high school, the Jehovah Witnesses being hid from or yelled at, the Mormons being considered cultists.  As soon as it gets down to who the True Christians are, that number shrinks amazingly fast.  

Pascal’s Wager – don’t you want to believe so you have a chance at a good afterlife?  You’ll lose nothing if you are wrong.

Sorry, I’ll lose my self-respect, time and resources.  I could be wrong too, by worshipping the wrong god.  What if it’s Tezcatlipoca?  Bummer. 

There could be thousands of choices for their 32 page booklet, and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them all fail miserably. Christians, and all other theists, have a industry simply devoted to explaining away why their magical book is so screwy and why their god does nothing.  I’m hoping to get one to see how unimaginative they are.  If they had spent any time on the internet, they’d see that atheists and non-Christians aren’t impressed. 

So, True Reason people, I’d suggest you spend your money on something worthwhile,  a food bank in DC, the Trust for the National Mall to spiffy up our nation treasure like the Rally to Restore Sanity did, The Duke Ellington School of the Arts, the Sabin Vaccine Institute,  The Washington Animal Rescue League.  Anything but waste your money in attempting to spread nonsense that we already know about and find hilarious.  Actually help someone for a change. 

But if you insist on coming into this “lion’s den” be aware your god won’t keep our mouths sealed like your bible promises.  You’ll be shown that unlike the false claims by you and your sponsors spread in some really amusing wishful thinking, we are well educated, many of us were Christians at one point and have read the bible at least once, many of us have had formal training in logic and science, and won’t accept a baseless claim as an answer.   If you see me there, and you will since I do want one of your booklets if you insist on wasting the money, I’ll make sure I ask you to help me with getting a couple of altars to light.

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