Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – Destroying what you don’t like

Unsuprisingly, Pat Robertson has advocated for the destruction of religious images that are not his own.   In a recent bit on his television show, he advises a “good Christian” to destroy the statue of Buddah that her friend has.  Now, where have we seen such destruction advocated before?  Hmmm, oh yes, that cesspool of one other religion that is sure that it also has the only “right” answers, Islam.  The “good Muslims” of the Taliban took it upon themselves to destroy ancient statues of the Buddha at Bamiyan, because they were sure that those statues were “idols” and were “evil”.  What a pair of pitiful religions lead by men, so scared of a inaminate objects, that their leaders have to show their manhood with weapons since there is nothing between their legs.  

I’m guessing that Buddhism can be and is just as vile, but it’s bemusing to see such actions consistently coming from religions that insist that they are ever-so very special and that their god is something different, especially when their god is the same man made imaginary friend. 

Oh and dear Pat has also attacked other sects of his religion, Chrisitanity.  Of course, he thinks that only his version is the correct one and those Episcopals are going to be “apostate”.  Pat always speaks for God don’t you know?  And gets things wrong repeatedly.  So much for his hotline to some imaginary omnipotent being.   Poor pitiful things, as always having nothing more than greed and fear to move them along.

One thought on “Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – Destroying what you don’t like

  1. Hrrrm, Pat Robertson advocates and encourages crime. I wonder why that isn’t the headline? Oh Yes, pandering.


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