From the Bar – Koko Brown Ale from Kona Brewing

Holy cats, this is good!   Yes, Virginia, Koko Brown Ale does taste like coconut.  One might think so with the word “coconut” repeated on the lable.  This of course seems to elude other reviewers who are “Shocked! Shocked!” that what comes in such a bottle might have a hint of coconut flavor.

Koko Brown
Koko Brown Ale, bottle and requisite plastic goblet

I personally enjoy nut brown ales a lot so I had to try this one, again from the shelves at our local Wegmans.  I also love coconut, from smelling it as tanning lotion, to consuming Almond Joys.  And this ale tastes like an Almond Joy.  The brown ale gives it a depth to resemble chocolate plus the slight sweetness and the nuttiness to be the almonds.  Then overarching them both is the lovely taste of coconut.  Definitely could be a dessert beer, but could also go nicely with a good curry.

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