Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – “Think of the children!” only when convenient

the usual hypocrisy – from “The Simpsons”

The supporters of “family values” strike again!  The latest hypocrisy here in Pennsylvania is perpetrated by Representatives of *both* parties, sadly enough.  Rep. RoseMarie Swanger(R), Rep. Thomas Caltagirone (D), Rep. Mark Gillen(R), Rep. Keith Gillespie(R), Rep. Adam Harris(R), Rep.Mike Tobash(R), have all decided that women won’t get more help from welfare for an additional baby over a certain number *unless* she can prove the baby was from a rape.   The woman must report the rape and identify the rapist if possible.  There is a similar law being proposed in New Mexico, the one that originally had the phrase “forcible rape” in it.     

Of course, this bill, HB 2718,  is full of the usual ignorance that those who would try to control women usual have.  These legislators do not want to think about the instances where the woman may have reasons not to report a rape. She may be afraid of reprisals against her and her family.  These legislators definitely do not think about children or families. 

I am for giving women the ability to *not* have as many children as their bodies can stand, especially if the system is engineered to reward this to the detriment of both mother and the other children.   This can be done by giving low-income women access to affordable or free birth control  *and* making sure that sex education is taught to everyone both male and female.  

With these legislators, that’s not an option either, since they insist that giving a woman such a choice would somehow destroy the family and “Oh think of the children”.   Of course, as usual for the supposedly “pro-life” crowd, they are not interested in the lives of children or their well-being or families; they are only concerned with controlling and “punishing” women.  The hypocrisy here in HB 2718 is palpable. 

Email them and let them know how transparent they are.

Rep. RoseMarie Swanger: 
Rep. Thomas Caltagirone:
Rep. Mark Gillen:
Rep. Keith Gillespie:
Rep. Adam Harris:
Rep.Mike Tobash:

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