Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – It’s about the social issues and it’s about theocracy

This time it’s about social issues.   

Many people say that the election is about the economy.   In my opinion it isn’t.  Not this time.  This time it’s about the social issues and about losing not only 50+ years of progress but a thousand years if radical conservatives get into power. 

The radical conservatives, the theocrats and those that want a return to company towns and unfettered actions by corporations, don’t only want to return to some imaginary version of the 1950s, they want to turn back the clock much further than that. They want a return to feudalism and fear of an unknown universe, where everyone has their castle and where women are property, sacrificed for power and killed if they have too much knowledge.  They want to roll back a thousand years of progress to a time where ignorance was the order of the day and superstition, religion and economics were used to control everyone and resources were held by force of arms for the use of a few.      

A thousand years.  It sounds like hyperbole or a strawman argument but consider this: 

Just recently, Richard Mourdock has said that rape is his god’s will and that’s why women need to be forced to complete pregnancies caused by rape.  “”I struggled with it myself for a long time, and I realized that life is a gift from God, and I think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something God intended to happen,” 

What will be the next thing that his god “intended to happen” that Mr. Mourdock will force on others?  It’s when theists decide that they know what their god “really” wants and what this god “really does” that they become incredibly dangerous.  Will Mourdock decide that his god doesn’t want inter-racial marriages?  Doesn’t want interracial children? Doesn’t want women to dare endanger *any* pregnancy and strap her to a gurney to not move for 9 months?    

He of course now is trying to get out of what he said, claiming that his words were “twisted”.  He  now claims to have said his god doesn’t want rape.  Funny how he claimed that the god wanted it *and* intended it to happen (hard to intend something if you don’t want it).  You’re a liar, Mr. Mourdock.  How sad.  You are the one who is horrible, absurd and sick.  So is your bible, which encourages rape of those that this god’s people are fighting against, all with god approval.  (Judges 21, Numbers 31, Deut 20, Deut 21, ); selling yoru daughter to be raped (Exodus 21). The bible does have laws about rape, but  all about the woman being forced to marry her rapist. (Deut 22). 

And there is indeed a place where his god *does* intend rape to happen:

2 Samuel 12:11 “This is what the Lord says: ‘Out of your own household I am going to bring calamity on you. Before your very eyes I will take your wives and give them to one who is close to you, and he will sleep with your wives in broad daylight. 12 You did it in secret, but I will do this thing in broad daylight before all Israel.’” 

How “just” and how “fair”, women raped as *punishment* for a man.  Will Mr. Mourdock be for this too?

Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association wants no women in leadership positions at all.  Very biblical (1 Timothy 2:12) but then again so is being sure one can cure leprosy with bird blood. 

Robert Jeffress, leader of Southern Baptists (religion: a cult that has been around for a while)  has declared that it is better to vote for Romney, even though he’s sure that the Church of Latter Day Saints is a cult and is evil and will lead to hell.  He is sure that it’s better to vote for what he considers a heretic but a heretic that agrees with him in his baseless claims that he and only he knows what God really meant and Jesus really said about abortion and marriage.  He wants his version of his religion in power.

“So I think we need to be clear that Mormonism is a false religion that leads people away from rather than toward the true God, but having said that we are making this choice in spite of that.”  

In spite of that, eh?  Quite the hypocrisy there, pastor.  Mr. Jeffress is essentially saying that they will do *anything* to gain power, even follow a believer of a false god.  The problem is later when they decide they aren’t such good mates at all.  Can you say “religious war”?     

Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan and many of their Republican colleagues, want to force their religious beliefs on others, especially women.  Not happy with trying to keep women from earning an equal wage to support those families they claim to care so much about, they want women to submit to the control of men in their health care based *only* on religious opinion. They consider a woman not to be trusted with making her own decisions on anything.  Romney has said he would be “delighted” to enforce a personhood amendment.  Ryan has said that there should be no exceptions for abortion, declaring the pregnant woman worth less than her potential child; all based on his personal interpretation of his religion. This is not only a war on women, it is a war on everyone who dares to think differently than they do.  What happens when your doctrine is not considered pure enough? When your marriage isn’t recognized as done the “right” way?  When you are told you can’t marry the person you love because someone’s opinion says it’s wrong?  

And of course, these conservative theists want to try to force homosexuality back into the closet and again solely on their personal religious beliefs.  They don’t care or even consider that some of their fellows have no problems with homosexuality.  It is their way only.     

They want to refuse the right of being equal to everyone but themselves, where only their marriages count, where only their choices mean anything.  They wish a world where only their version of their religion is the “right” one, and obedience to it is compulsory and monitored; because if you outlaw doubt, then you will always wonder who “really” believes.  Talk about big government, a guard at every uterus.  Some claim that atheists would forbid theists from worshiping if they were in charge.  Perhaps someone of them would, but there is no more fearsome opponent to another religion than someone who thinks that only theirs is right.  

We are on the precipice of losing what we’ve fought so long and hard to achieve, what the founders of our nation had a glimmer of and what we’ve built upon, to people whose entire agenda is built on fear and greed.  I don’t want to go back a 1000 years. Do you?

 PS:  An excellent video where a pastor is clever and shows that we’ve heard all of the false claims of conservative theists before.  All of the claims of the sky falling have proven to be false.     

3 thoughts on “Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – It’s about the social issues and it’s about theocracy

  1. They don’t just want to restrict abortion, but also birth control. If God “intends” a pregnancy, people have no free will at all, so perhaps God also “intends” that there be no democracy.


  2. I have asked many conservative Christian friends exactly what point in time should we revert back to in order to make society “better”. Funny, they at never happy about the point they choose when they are reminded of what we have overcome since that point.


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