Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – Excuses Excuses

A sigh of relief on this end.  At least a little reprieve from lunatics who want to have a theocracy.  We can take more steps on keeping the US a beacon of freedom and equality for *all*, not a self-chosen few.  Now, Obama, you’ve done a lot but you still have more to do. Close Gitmo, and stop allowing spying on citizens. And get a coherent infrastructure plan in place, for all of our sakes. 

Now, I’m sure that the excuses are running fast and furious on why “God’s Own Party” lost and indeed lost so badly in some states like my own, Pennsylvania.  

What are the usual excuses when prayers fail?  Because I know prayers were flying fast and furious last night from *both* sides.  The prophecies were flying fast too.  The below can also be excuses for their failure. 

1.  God wanted something different to happen for some mysterious reason.

 Which would make any prayer at any time totally worthless.

2.  Satan was more powerful. (a broader variant on my initial prophecy “The Mormon and Roman Catholic are at fault.) 

Not much of a god then is it? 

3.  God isn’t some “vending machine”

 Tell that to the people praying for parking spaces, candidates, football teams, etc. 

4. God wants to “teach” us something by making someone suffer (a reason offered for #1).

 God sure likes collateral damage. 

5.  God didn’t *really* care so he left this one decision up to humans.

The cherry picking approach, that this god picks and chooses when to interfere, always dependent upon coincidence.  

And…. What are the usual excuses when boatloads of money fail to buy elections?

 1. There was some type of conspiracy.

 2. And see 1-5 above.

 Hmmm, I wonder if the folks who practice Judaism will be declared part of the conspiracy or standing valiantly against it.  I’m guessing we’ll be able to find both on the internet tubes.

Much fun to still be had.  Stay tuned.

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