Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – Another TrueChristian(tm) steps up, Part 1

king james posterJoseph “Woody” Armstrong has visited my website recently to comment on it.  I don’t know much about him other than he is another example of a TrueChristiantm though with different characteristics then someone like Caroline.  He is a KJV onlyist, someone who is certain that the only “true” bible is the Authorized King James Version.  Roman Catholicism and Freemasonry are very bad and feminism is a sin (this explains why he wants to make believe I’m a guy). This is, of course, something that not all Christians believe.  He thinks that the Bible is completely accurate and he also thinks that Kent “Jailbird” Hovind is believable.  With these stated beliefs and the questionable taste of his website, one might think him a poe, out to get a rise out of fellow atheists.  I do not think he is and always find that Poes should be replied too in any case.  You can find the post I am replying to here

Why, no one called you a fool here, Woody.  I do like seeing you call yourself one because that does speak to you suffering from a bit of projection.  You are woefully and willfully ignorant, not necessarily a fool.  Ignorance can be fixed if you are willing to learn.  From your mention of taking an economics course, I can assume that you are in either high school or college. You have plenty of time to learn no matter how old you are. However, if you keep on repeating false information, you will simply fail, only having a very narrow bunch of people who nod their heads when you come up with yet more nonsense. I can guess that I probably can’t offer you anything better than your self-created religion. It certainly does feel good to think that you are a special snowflake and some big powerful thing agrees with everything you do, doesn’t it?  Unfortunately, reality will show you are wrong and you’ll have to adjust that myth of yours to excuse your imaginary god’s impotence. 

I have heard many false claims that the bible is historically accurate.  I also understand the desire to believe people because you think they share your beliefs and that you think you should trust them.  However, that can be a very bad thing to do because they can and do lie to people. Your blind acceptance of such ridiculous claims speaks to your naivety. There is nothing in Acts that is any more accurate than what one would find in any other myth or modern political thriller. If you think there is a good part to show me, then present it, rather than making vague claims.  It makes you seem that you have no idea what you are talking about.   For example, Greek myths mention people and places that either could have or did exist e.g. Poseidon and Athena competed for the honor of having Athens (a city that does indeed exist and has existed for a long time) named after them.  If we go with any mention of a real thing in a myth makes it true, then Athena and Poseidon are as real as your god.  Do you agree with that? I would assume not and that you would use special pleading in attempt to declare your god the only “real” one.   

Another instance of how your bible pitifully fails is that it insists that the city of Tyre was destroyed and will never be found again.  It’s rather a shame that Christians are too lazy to do the most basic research and find that it has around 100,000 people living in it now and there are plenty of archaeological sites in the more ancient bits of it.  And the lack of evidence for your most important figure, Jesus Christ, is a whole other amusing subject, full of forgeries, claims that a mention of believers of a god mean that the god simply must exist, events that have no basis in reality, etc.  From here, I expect the usual excuses that this part was “only” a metaphor, was “really” a prophecy, etc.  The usual picking and choosing of the bible.

Irreducible complexity is always a hilarious one to see brought up. The man responsible for such silliness, Behe, actually teaches at a university in Pennsylvania.  Alas the claim of irreducible complexity depends on a willful ignorance of biology.  The creationist must attempt to claim that things must spring into being wholesale and couldn’t possible have any other use before they evolved into something with a new use.  It’s rather like saying a mousetrap must appear in toto, but nothing in it serves a purpose, like oh, the spring mechanism. 

Carbon dating isn’t a hoax.  It’s so cute to watch Christians ignore their religion in order to make up such pathetic lies.  The same science that supports carbon dating is the same that allows a nuclear reactor to work, xrays to work, atomic and hydrogen bombs to work, etc.  Again, Woody, if you don’t want to be such a cowardly hypocrite, I do expect you to give up using the same science that you ignorantly decry when convenient.  Carbon dating is based on the decay of Carbon-14, an isotope of carbon.  It does have limitations as do all dating techniques; and it is not used alone but in conjunction with other techniques, like dendrochronology, ice cores, varves, etc.  We know that we cannot use it in certain situation, e.g. if the sample has been exposed to the atomic fallout that humans have been spreading since July 16, 1945.  The one thing I love is that so many Christians have no trouble with C14 dating when it agrees with their myths, like the Shroud of Turin, the Dead Sea Scrolls, but oh when it doesn’t, they insist that it can’t work. Hypocrisy is just such a great thing to watch.  Well, I’m sure Woody doesn’t at least find the shroud of Turin important, since he doesn’t like the Roman Catholics at all. Tsk, more TrueChristiantm antics.

Stay tuned for part 2, where things get even *more* silly.

12 thoughts on “Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – Another TrueChristian(tm) steps up, Part 1

  1. I laugh so when I read your blog. But after the laughter is over I want you to know I am really learning a lot too.
    I don’t think I could ever carry on a debate or argument. But I know where to come to get some ammo. 🙂

    I did learn one thing here that made me sad…….I always thought I was a special snowflake. Guess not. 😦


      1. Yep, he’s evidently sure I’m a man
        “Most of these are typical and I do not expect you to do anything that your natural impulses would not lead you to do or think. I’m sure that the only reason that you reject Christianity is because it is “just like every other world religion” (funny how your kind doesn’t rail on them) and evolutionism has disproven it, but I dare you to look the truth in the eye, as a scholar and a gentleman. Since both of our claims are so broad (“proven” and such like terms) I sugjest that, since you are a real scientist and a researcher, I suggest that you stop laughing off everything and take the evidence as a man.”

        oh and he called me “sir” in a personal email to me. 🙂 His favorite pastor,and I’m assuming church is not much different than Westboro. Yeeeesh, follow the link if you dare:


  2. I can’t find a Reply option beneath your last comment. Oh well… I went to the site. The photo of their church disturbed me. That has “Jonestown” written all over it.


  3. boss I think you have just inspired me. There is a friend of mine, a theist blogger, who most times do not respond to the questions I ask on his blog. I am going to change where we play the game.


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