Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – Bad logic and even worse “science”

noahRecently, I’ve seen the usual flood myth claims on one more theist blog. This has been done to death but I do love the subject since I’m a geologist. 

The initial blog post was the usual claim by a theist that atheists don’t have enough proof for their position and at best they “really” should be agnostics. This is the usual tactic to cling to their god by implicitly claiming “But you can’t prove my god doesn’t exist, so I can still make believe he does.”  Alas for the theist who make this claim, they forget that their god has very defined characteristics and those characteristics can be analyzed and be tested by the evidence supporting or contradicting them.  The theist in question has insisted that he doesn’t need to define this god, and it’s simply “logic” that argues that agnosticism is the right position.  He invokes the argument from ignorance: 

1.There is no evidence against p.
2. Therefore, p.
3.There is no evidence for p.
4.Therefore, not-p. 

and has accused me of that, but again forgets that there is not this overwhelming ignorance he would hope for; we have plenty of positive evidence against the claims of his religion and his bible.  If there is no evidence for a magical flood, then there is no reason to think that there was one. If there is no evidence for a God, or Santa Clause, then there is no reason to think there is one.  Could there be a probability of something undefined hiding under a rock on Alpha Centauri and that be the Christian god?  No, not if the Christian god is as claimed by the bible and Christians. Logic is a powerful tool but it isn’t perfect. Unfortunately, many Christians find it’s their last hope in finding a gap for their god but don’t understand that. 

There is evidence for geology showing that this flood did not occur ever and could not have.  One has to invoke magic to somehow evaporate all of the evidence that this god did anything ever.  That’s worth a chuckle but that’s all.  One may as well invoke “Last Thursdayism” where we only *think* we remember our lives and some god made us up last Thursday.

(This Christian is also sure that Santa Claus doesn’t exist.  He claims he needs no “evidence” but has “good reasons” to be sure about this.  Of course, I have yet to see the “good reasons”.  It’s just more special pleading.)  

Another Christian has claimed that SCIENCE supports his religion and makes some very typical and very willfully ignorant claims.  He claims that genetics “proves” that there was a population bottleneck and his flood is the source.  First, it is always a treat to see a theist who wants to invoke science and the scientific method when they think that it supports their religious claims.  They demonstrate their hypocrisy when they decide that some science is just peachy but when a bit of that science shows their religion’s claims to be wrong, they will do their best to ignore it.  Quite a bit of trying to have their cake and eat it too goes on in creationist nonsense.  They depend on willful ignorance, outright lies, attacking strawmen created from superseded ideas, etc.  It’s really quite a shame.  AT this point, I cannot accept Hanlon’s Razor: Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.  In this age of information, it takes real effort to be this ignorant. 

The scientific truth of the matter is that no, genetics doesn’t even remotely support that humanity came from two people or eight.  You can look at this article and see how wrong our Christians are. 

He then claims that SCIENCE, geology this time, also supports the existence of the global flood claimed to have occurred in the bible.  Unfortunately for him, it does no such thing.  I have a degree in geology, and I always have to laugh at the pure willful ignorance among theists when it comes to this topic.  

First, he claims that since so many myths mention floods, there *has* to have been a global flood.  There are indeed a lot of flood myths. However, not all civilizations have them and those that do have them do not match in what they claim.  They are often quite different. One can find many of these myths here:  One of my favorites that from the Pygmy: “Chameleon heard a strange noise, like water running, in a tree, but at that time there was no water in the world. He cut open the trunk, and water came out in a great flood that spread all over the earth. The first human couple emerged with the water.”  This makes the Judeo-Chrsitian myth wrong on several counts, including saying the creation myth is wrong.  Most Christians depend on not knowing what these myths that they run to as “proof” actually say.  They would have you believe that as long as a myth says “flood”, then it’s theirs, just don’t look at the man behind the curtain. 

Most if not all civilizations arose around rivers.  Rivers often flood and that makes a great part of a just-so story to tell a myth about evil and good.  Here I usually ask the theist “When did the Flood happen?  Because if it can be narrowed down to a certain time period, we certainly should be able to find it.  Some make direct claims and fail since there are no flood deposits all over the earth at that time.  Others avoid the question entirely, knowing that if there is a date, and we find nothing, one of their claims about having evidence for their god fails. 

We see this Christian making the following claims:  

“Even more compelling is the fact that the geologic evidence is overwhelmingly consistent, not with a placid uniformitarian sea, but with a violent catastrophic flood. It just happens to not be a respectable position to believe this.”  

That entire paragraph is one big lie, dependent again on willful ignorance.  And indeed it is not a respectable position since it is a lie.  It depends on the claim that geologists only believe in uniformitarianism (the Christian really is talking about uniformity of rate aka gradualism.)  No, they don’t.  They haven’t since the 19th century. We know that there are catastrophic events that intersperse with the slower processes. We know that there was not some magical uniform lake all over the earth.  The misuse of gradualism also influences their ignorance about evolutionary theory and their willful ignorance that Darwin wasn’t the last word on the subject.  

There is not one bit of evidence supporting a massive global flood. Yes, they will claim there is and they all fail.  If there was this magical flood with the violent spurting of “fountains” and “springs” like Walt Brown’s claim, we would have one huge layer of sediment, sorted within the layer from coarse on the bottom to fine on the top. Within this layer, there would be fossils of humans and animals (including dinos) sorted by hydrologic interaction with similar things together. This would require humans and small dinos like deinonychus being found together.  They are not. If there was this flood, we would not see the various layers that sort within each layer from coarse to fine, nor would we see the fossils so nicely arranged by complexity.   Potholer54 does an excellent demonstration video on how this works:  It’s always a good thing when reality so easily trumps the mythology of a religion.

Incidentally, there are a lot of competing theories even between creationists on how the flood happened  Just like their religion, the poor things can’t agree at all and of course none of them can show that the others are wrong since none of them have evidence in the first place. That link above is just one small part of a much larger article has a great list of why the whole flood story, from building the ark to its supposed landing, is just ridiculous.   

If you have questions, please ask!

42 thoughts on “Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – Bad logic and even worse “science”

  1. Damn, i just paid Praysons site a visit to read up on the going conversation. Shit me swinging! There really is no end to the dumb out there 😉 Excellent, brilliant replies on your part, too!


  2. If I were you, I’d wise up to the God of the Bible and the fact that Jesus Christ shed His blood and…Will you hear? There is PROOF of the accuracy and inspiration of the Bible and the truth of the gospel you are ignoring! Go to:
    and find the TRUTH about the lies you’ve suckerd into and the saving faith in Christ Jesus! Thank you. I do not expect to hear from you for you seek not the truth and are blind in your own ways.


    1. Ah, I do enjoy threats. It’s like being on the schoolyard again. I hear the claims of Christians all of the time. I also notice that you make the claims but can’t actually post anything to support yourself. It’s only vague threats and nonsense about how “accurate” your religion is and how inspired it is. Alas, all Christians claim this and not all Christians agree with your particular version of “my god really meant only this”.

      If you think you are right, show me one thing that you think represents the accuracy and inspriation of your bible. Let me inform you that I have read the bible, as a believer and as not, and am very familiar with comparative religion, biology, geology, anthropology and archaeology and more than passing familiarity with a lot of subjects. I will await your providing that one thing I have asked of you.


      1. I’m a fool, eh? It seems that you have every thing figured out. I’m sure you’ve heard arguments about how the Bible is historically accurate down to the last detail (especially in the book of Acts), about “irreducible complexity”, the hoax of carbon dating, the Dane’s king list going back to Noah, X-O3b, the equidistant letter sequenc Bible codes, etc. Most of these are typical and I do not expect you to do anything that your natural impulses would not lead you to do or think. I’m sure that the only reason that you reject Christianity is because it is “just like every other world religion” (funny how your kind doesn’t rail on them) and evolutionism has disproven it, but I dare you to look the truth in the eye, as a scholar and a gentleman. Since both of our claims are so broad (“proven” and such like terms) I sugjest that, since you are a real scientist and a researcher, I suggest that you stop laughing off everything and take the evidence as a man.
        Try to seriously watch the videos on:
        Click The ARMORY and enjoy.
        I know you do not seak the truth if it means God; you are not an acception. I believe you recieved an e-mail from me earlier today before I went to my Economics class. Watch those videos and let me know if you’ve a responce beside a laugh. I’ve been studying this stuff for 4 years now and I know that you cannot offer me a better replacement for faith in the blood of Christ and the Bible. (Excuse typoes.)


      2. Be my guest! Be my guest! Put our survice to the test. Put your napkin ’round your neck, salle, and we’ll provide the rest!
        Sounds like your a haughty Bible believer eating monster!
        I’ll send you a PROOF of the God of the Bible you cannot defete, but which you shall not believe. I’m sure you’ve heard of it and have already discounted it…
        I’ll e-mail you it and a board on “proof”.


      3. Yawn, oooh, the bible’s claim of a resurrection is the proof that the bible is true. My my, yes, I’ve heard this and yes, it’s just one more circular argument. You must be quite a student to have with that kind of thinking ability. Alas for you, Woody, there is no evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ either. Your bible can’t even get the story straight, something I noticed right off when I was a Christian myself. It was just silly how bad the contradictions were.

        Christians do indeed do their best to find evidence of this, but what they consider evidence is: a likely forgery from Josephus, mentions of Christians in other sources (which would mean that every single time a believer of a god is mentioned, that god is as real as you think yours is), claims of the earthquake or the sun going dark but never at the same time or in the right area, desperately ignoring the bible’s claim that the dead walked the earth, claiming that the mention in the Talmud of someone being hanged is *just the same as a cruxifiction), etc. It’s really very fun to watch their thrashing about aimlessly.


    2. @Woody
      You are a dickhead. There isn’t a more polite term I could come up with, I’m afraid.
      And even Jesus, if he existed, would pity you.
      Noah would have thrown you overboard without a second thought, unless you hadn’t been eaten by one of the T-Rex already.


      1. The way you talk is not giving loyal atheists a healthy reputation.
        Jesus came to save you (even if it is only in my eyes, thoug He did live and is not denied this by any serious historian) He would pity your unbelief.
        Your type wouldn’t have gotten on the Ark to start with.
        I’ve thought this thing of Bible Christianity through for 4 years and the BIble has stood through every “storm”. Sorry that all you guys can do is laugh at what you desire to never have to accept.
        P. S. Do you want to see how the big bang hoax stands the storm of a college student? If so, reply to this post.


      2. No, Woody, you beleive that Jesus came to save people. No evidence for that at all. His existence is indeed denied by historians and gee, there’s that weasel word again “serious”. But alas, “serious” doesn’t mean “agrees with ?Woody”. Per your bible, your Jesus did miracles to prove himself. Funny how he cannot do that anymore to us “doubting thomases”. And I always always love when a Christian is sure he knows exactly what his god thinks. And oooh, you thought about Christianity for 4 whole years. Sorry, Woody, there are people who have thought about it a whole lot longer and came to the opposite conclusions you have. Let me guess, you’re a freshman or sophomore if you go to college at all. There’s nothing like being one of those to think you know everything. Ooooh, a “college student”, I’m a-feared. I mean if you are so impressed with yourself, a “college student”, you should bown and worship me, a full college *graduate*!

        And yep, sure try the big bang theory, Woody. I’d love to see try that. And I do require you to give us your “storm” in your own words, no videos, no cut and paste. I want to see just how much you really do understand.


  3. Nice piece boss 🙂

    It takes a lot of theological wringing to make the bible fit with current knowledge. I think if a text can interpreted to mean anything the speaker wants then that text is useless for our purposes.


    1. The “current knowledge” is, I assume, evolution (stellar, chemical, biological, etc.). These theories are INCOMPATABLE with the Bible! (Funny how the hypocrites are not asking the Muslims to compromize.) And this so-called “science” is false science. I have real science and PROOF that this evolutionism biggotry is foolish. See my website:
      Don’t be scared. Your current belief in liars is worthless. 🙂


      1. Why yes, they are incompatible with the bible. They are also incompatible with the myths from ancient Egypt, Rome, India, China etc. Please do realize that Islam is largely based on the Torah and Bible. If you don’t even know that much, I despair for any chance of you knowing much else.

        I do enjoy when Christians are so certain science is wrong but use it as long as it makes them comfy. Sorry, Joseph, but the computer you use is based on the same research that shows that the Big Bang Theory is valid. You eat modern grains and meat animals that are bred to the same laws that we know work in evolutionary theory. Modern medicine is based on that as well. For you not to be an ignorant hypocrite, you would have to cease using such things. Are you willing to do that? You of course cannot even mention this “real science” that you claim.

        And hilarious website, I must say. I do love the insistence that you and only you are the TrueChristian(tm). The circular arguments are of the finest Christian kind, insisting since the bible says it’s “pure” then it simply must be. You are rather like that girl in the Nationwide Insurance ad that is sure that everything on the internet is true since she read that claim on the internet. Oh, and you are a KJV onlyist too! All sure that one translation of one book is better than all of the ones after it that have better source material to base translations on. And you think that the bible has some kind of magical code in it adn that this is the “right” one and those others are wrong! Why, Joe, you as good as a birthday present for me! By all means,post on my site. It’s even better than reading those Billy Graham and God Squad columns for blog fodder.


      1. There was not an Arabic Bible in the days of Mohomed, doctor. All he had was tales he heard.
        Science is never wrong till proven otherwise, in my oppinion. But, false science (not based in reality) is never right (for it is based on presuppositoin), though it may always be delt favor by your highschool teacher and magazine writers.
        Very vague use of evolution linking into everything. The big bang was proven wrong 50 years ago. Even little I did an English paper on it a year ago and completely destroyed it infront of my professor. He had to resort to FAITH to hold his godless belief system!
        Watch a video by a real scientist on my blog! I am not one and I don’t sit at my conputer all day trying to convert people from atheism. Ask a question and I’ll try to answer it, otherwise I’ll try to get you to watch a great video on it.

        If the Bible is God’s book (as all Christians accept) what it says is true. If it says it cannot have errors and that it is preserved from the pure original (as THE PEOPLE I ADDRESS it to [those who believe it when they want and say it has a conflation, interplation, etc., when it sutes them]) then anyone’s LOGIC, accepting these truths accept it thusly. The Bible has never been shown to be wrong!
        Thanks for enjoying me so much. You sound like I picture a lynx would speeking to a rabbit.
        This “magical code” cannot be explained by anything in the known universe (as said a journal of statistical science).
        You don’t care about logic, evidenc, history, geology, or any other of the things you rely on as an EvolutionaryAtheist(tm), you hate too much to be convinced though you were presented evidence for the God of the Bible beyond any reasonable man’s doubt. Though I know you are only a man.


      2. And another reply for this silliness. Woody, you need to educate yourself about the very basics of science and the scientific method. Your ignorance fuels a lot of your false claims. Science is an ongoing process. If something about a theory (and a theory in the scientific sense not the common usage) fails, then someone is more than happy to rip that theory apart. Science is only based in reality since it depends on observation and experimentation. Science is not based on presupposition; that’s religion that believes a god exists and then desperately tries to find evidence for it. The theory of evolution is not very vague and if you think so, then I request that you show how it’s “very vague”. YOu see, I don’t accept vague claims from theists when they try to cover up their ignorance and lies.

        And well, golly gee, someone better tell the astronomers and cosmologists that the Big Bang theory was disprove 50 years ago (which would make it hmmm, 1963?) And I do love to see you lying to me about you “destroyed” it in front of your English professor. Hmmm, the videos on your blog are from: Kent Hovind, someone who got his degrees from unaccredited institutions and not even in science; Mike Hoggard, a pastor who thinks the world is going to end in the “near future”; Texe Marrs, another wannabee prophet (oh and I do love how he claims that people are “Marxists” and evidently hasn’t a clue what that means); Bryan Denlinger, *another* wannabee prophet! Bill Schnoebelen, one more prophet and he’s been in just about every religion that there is. Just great. Sam Gipp is one more, how unsurprising (and he works with Jack Chick, that’s even better!). I do see you mention AiG, but those poor heretics aren’t real Chrsitains to you, but golly you’ll use their stuff. They do indeed have a few scientists there, and not a one that is an expert in the fields they lie about. I particularly like the fruit expert and the poor old guys who can’t learn anything new. So we see that there is not one single scientist in your “armory” and you’ve lied again.

        You cannot prove that the bible is any god’s book, so claiming it’s true is based on a baseless claim. Since you cannot prove it’s from god, then it can indeed have errors in it. You also claim it’s from a “true original” which, if you know anything about the KJV, there was no “original” they worked from. Ooooh, and then you use caps to show just how true it is. ROTFL! You also are amazing ignorant in logic. May I suggest you google “nizkor logical fallacies”? That site has all of the logical fallacies you use on it. It was created to rebut stupid people who claim that the WWII holocaust never happened. YOu also seem to have avoided reading my post where I have shown the bible wrong. It’s very cute to watch you put your fingers in your ears and screw up your eyes tight believing that if you don’t acknowledge facts they don’t exist. And golly, a claim that your magic code has been said can’t be explained by a “journal of statistical science”. Of course, you can’t name the actual journal, can you, poor thing?

        “lynx to a rabbit.”? No, snow leopard to a dead tree…a scratching post. You being thought of as a rabbit would mean that you had a chance. Poor little man, stamp your feet and use caps all you want. It’s just keeps getting better and better.


      3. Darwin PREDICTED that they would find EVIDENCE of his theory in the future, this theory was based on the 10th of a millimeter difference between the thickness of finch beeks. That is NOT evidence as one college textbook author calls it to day, but rather something that spured him to think a cirtian way.
        I know that relogions in general stary with presuppositions, how ever EVOLUTION IS RELOGIOUS because it starts on an idea as being fact and then trys to justify it with “evidences”, all of which I have ever seen have been disprooved years ago.
        GIVE ME ONE SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENCE FOR EVOLUTIONISM AND I WILL ATTEMPT TO REFUTE IT. I could list many frawd evidences they’ve used (ontogany recapitulates philogany, Piltdown Man, Peking Man, eohippus. etc.)
        Evolution theory states that every thing arose from caos. I did not say that it is vague but that how you said that it ties to food and computer systems is a vague tie. You’d proove that it is unvague. Correct? Tell me how it is ever thoroughly documented and I’ll tell you of a historical geology professor that has only faith in physisists when they say that the “big bang” occured contrary to the conservation of angular momentum, Boyle’s Gas Law, etc.
        I NEVER promote people that are “prophets”. I think you mean “pastor”, right?
        Nonacredided? Who cares? the people that debate him do, sometimes, but only to say that then, by definition they are smart and he is not. Which is a desperate argument. Acredation obviously has nothing to do with the quality of the education recieved.
        Thanks for the insightful reviews of the personalities on my site. I know each of their characters and life stories well. Are not Marxists those that would begin a revolution based on the principles of Marx? It would be nice if I could type flawlessly and if you could do something beside lean back in your chair and laugh at anything that you think you already have analized. Try being specific in the future, please.
        I’ll try to read your post, but I cannot devote this much time to you all week.
        I know that I cannot prove that the Bible is given by inspiration of God, but I believe that you can agree that you cannot prove that it is not. Every other “error” has been answered and I do not think that even a top knoch scholar like your self could show it to be wrong after so many have been trying for so many years. But I’ll read this post. 🙂
        I’m not pluging my ears, I’m waiting for something tangeble in your argumentation.
        I know the KJV was not translated from 4400-2000 yr. old “originals”. Who don’t?
        If I were you I’d change my definition of “proof” to what any standard dictionary says. I’ll be making a post on it soon. Quit asking for a “photo” of every thing that you doubt because no one else is. I’m not of you and most don’t of me. You’ll never know anything with those kind of standards across the board.
        WHY DO I USE CAPS??????
        caus there’s no bold type on this thing. 🙂 I need them for emphesis of cirtian words I’d draw your attention to and I have a habbit of leaving a capps subject line for the next “reply”.
        LET US SEE SOME CREDENTIALS. You are pretty confident that you’ll never have to graciously conceed that BIBLE CODES is an unexplainable thing (I’d like to see you realy consider the posibilities and do ANYTHING but LAUGH IT OFF and calim I’ve mental defects.


      4. Sounds good. I’ve got a lot of responces to work on in just 2 hrs. and I do not have Internet access all week end. So, we can pick up on Monday. I’ll let you know if my scedual ever gets to be too much for me to complete and do this at the same time (though unlikely that).


      5. Oh you are a piece of work, Woody. Mohammed died in 632. The Torah has been around since about 400 BCE The Septuagint (the OT) was compiled in around 170. The Christian bible was started to be put together in 140 and changes were made from then until now. Look up “biblical canon”. There is no problem with Mohammed knowing much of the myths you claim are true. You again are wrong.

        That’s enough for the moment. I’ll address the rest tomorrow, with your nonsens about “false science” claiming that the theory of evolution is vague, etc. All hilarious and all lies. What a good Christian you are!


      6. I’ll get to you later! I’ve got to go. I jest sent you an e-mail that took me forever to type and I didn’t even get to review it like I normally would. I gave answers and I’ll give you some more later. I’ll even answer your attacks against my answers, this same time, this same station! But I seriously have to go now. I’m looking forward to it. Thank you for giving me a mouth.


      7. I am aware of the fact that God spoke “at sundry times and in diverse manners.” I’m talking about AN ARABIC BIBLE for Mohamed to use in his “writing” of the Koran.
        I’m sure you are aware of the OT transcription process and the NT primitive corruption theory. If not we’ll make it an issue later. The owner of the blog is the young woman I spoke with the other day, right?
        Just making sure you’re taking things into consideration when you say that the Bible is based on “lies” and you apparently do not doubt the accuracy of the Koran’s copying process.


      8. No, Woody, you are only aware of stories that claim that your god spoke “at sundry times and in diverse manners”. There doesn’t need to be an “arabic bible” for Mohammed to know about what his neighbors believed and to crib the exact same stories from it. I’m aware of all of the excuses that Christians use for trying to make their bible seem less ridiculous. IF you want to claim things like “OT transcription process and the NT primitive corruption theory” then you need to explain it in your own words rather than hiding behind big words. Because if you can’t explain it, you don’t understand it and depend on appeals to authority and your own willful ignorance to try to excuse your religion.

        And I’ll repeat, yes your emails are are going to which is me, velkyn the owner of this blog.

        The bible is based on myth and lies. There is no evidence for any of the essential events claimed in the bible or any evidence for your god. Same with the Qu’ran. It’s myths and lies. You keep trying to claim I do not hold Islam as accountable as I do Christianity. And you lie ever single time you say this because I have shown you otherwise. You seem to think your god is stupid enough to forgive you no matter what, no matter how many times you go out of your way to bear false witness. That’s a great way to demonstrate that you have no particular respect for your very own religion.

        I see that you can take time to make more excuses but you have not yet answered my questions, Woody. I’ve asked you if you believe that since real places are mentioned in other religions/myths, does that mean that those gods are as real as yours. So answer, why do you agree or disagree? I’ve asked you if the mere mention of believers of gods mean that the gods must exist too. Answer that, why do you agree or not?

        Historians have proven things by following myth and finding evidence to support or deny the claims in those myths: relics, cooroborating contemporary stories, etc. They have proven your bible is full of nonsense. You, and the bible, claim that there was some magical god that did things that should have plenty of evidence support them in the real world. There is no evidence for these events; no flood, no tower of babel, no “exodus”, no massive palaces, no fabulous temple.

        You claim that there was some magical man/god that did miracles in the near mid east around 1 CE. There is no evidence for this: no noted gatherings of a Roman legion’s worth of people just outside of an occupied city, no earthquake, no darkening of the sun, no dead walking the streets, no resurrection, etc. As I noted, not even the gospels can agree which is pretty entertaining for a supposedly divinely written/inspired book. At best, there may be a possibility of an itinerant rabbi who claimed he was the messiah and had a lot of myths built up around him, none of them shown true. But that itinerant rabbi isn’t who you worship is it? No, you worship Jesus Christ, son of God, savior of the world. And he doesn’t have a scrap of evidence for his existence. Reality is biased for facts, not opinions and baseless claims. And that’s all you have.

        It’s also so cute that once again a Christian has to whine and say that the word “proof” needs redefined so he can make believe his god exists. Why let’s redefine proof and declare that the Japanese Emperor is divine! One could set one’s watch to the excuses offered by theists.


      9. He did not have an Arabic Bible and I do not claim the Koran does not include “Bible” characters. But every story that mentions people such as Abraham, Nimrod, Mary, etc., are in complete disarray and compleatly bungled (further demonstrating that he never read the OT or NT and could not get the stories right. He based it on the Bible for some unknown reason (?) and was clueless regarding Bible history.


      10. No, Woody, they are different versions, not “bungled”. You again assume your bible has some magical original text and it doesn’t. I suggest you do some research into the history of the bible. There were many versions of the stories, stories left out, etc and all decided on by humans what would be put in.


      11. No, Woody, Moses is not a historical character. Never was, never will be until we find some evidence for him. No evidence for him writing the Torah, no evidence what era he lived, nothing. But I’ll play but I need to know when Moses lived. Give me a date. You have one, right?


  4. A good post. Enjoyed the read.
    One thing twits like Woody deign never to mention is the dispersal pattern of the animals once The Ark (not me) ‘docked’ on dry land and why there are no traces of said dispersal.


    1. yes, and I can be sure that our Australian friends do wonder how the koala did the backstroke across the indian ocean to get to the Ark and get back?

      So are you the zappy, face-melting type of ark? 🙂


  5. I know that the LXX is old (3rd cent. or so, Origin’s Hexapila), but Mohomed could not have read it and neither could have any of his followers. The latter (secondary) must allign with the older (primary).


    1. And more baseless claims. Show me evidence to back up your assertions, Woody. And it’s really very easy to have a sequel match up with a prequel….since one is written after and the first can be consulted. Sigh.


  6. If all this is based on you not finding evidence of the Bible’s accurace when you were younger, you cannot defame the Bible because you have no attacks but calling it “myth”, “legend” and a “lie”. Open your eye!


    1. No, Woody, “all” of this is not based on your lovely little strawman that I didnt’ find what I wanted when I was “younger”. Nope, I had faith, started to lose it when I was faced by contradiction, prayed hard and got no answer,looked at all of the evidence for and against and came to my decision. I can show your bible as wrong with plenty of evidence. Let’s go through it again. There is no evidence of your god. There is no evidenc of any events that your bible claims are true. For instance, there is no evidence of a global flood, but there is plenty of evidence that erosion, uplift, formation of stratigraphic layers kept on happening just like always. Believers cannot give a date for when this supposedly happened. There is no evidence of an “exodus”, no plagues, no parting of the Red (or reed) Sea, no evidence of the army of Egypt being destroyed. Again, believers cannot give a date for when this happened. We do have evidence that the kingdoms of Egypt had no such events happen to them and they went on their merry way as history shows. We also have that none of Egypt’s enemies noticed the whole army was gone and then took advantage of the fact, since it didn’t happen. There is no evidence of a man/god that healed people, raised them from the dead, gathered thousands of them outside an occupied city, caused by his death an earthquake or a darkening of the sun, resurrected or disappeared again. You have stories of this, nothing else.

      I can “defame” the bible as compliation of myths and stories with no problem and with plenty of evidence. It does not deserve anything like a “good reputation” since it is nonsense as I have demonstated above. Your religion and your holy book is just like any compilations of Greek myth, Aboriginal myth, tribal myths in Africa, Hindu myth, etc. They are stories with no evidence support them, all myths legends and lies when it comes to reality. You stomping your little feet and just shouting “open your eye” is cute but seems to just be the tirade of someone who is realizing that he cannot rebut the evidence presented to him.


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