Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – My body is mine: I support Amina

013-The-Lord-is-not-my-shepardI’m a little late on the International Day to Defend Amina (not safe for work because of revealed breasts), but I’ll take my stab at women, men and religion in support of this woman who told a ignorant patriarachal religion and culture, “My body belongs to me.”  and now is being abused by that religion/culture. Knowing these vermin, she might well be dead. I hope not.  Every voice should be raised against such things.

Ignorant and patriarchal United States lawmakers and citizens, take note.  

Many religions are very anti-women, especially the “book” religions from the east side of Mediterranean.  They want to pretend that women are second class citizens or worse and they want to control women.  The second bit of stupidity is, I’m guessing, from the utterly tribal nature of religion.  Women were necessary to the continuation of the tribe, so they were treated like property.  We can see that repeatedly underlined in the Judeo/Christian Bible and the Qu’ran, the late offshoot of the first. 

First we get women being made equal with men, in the first version of the Genesis story.  Then ah, someone comes up with a new one, where Eve is just a chunk of Adam, made after the god is too stupid to realize that aardvarks and zebras aren’t much of a “helpmeet” to a man.  It’s also rather hard to have more little humans made if this god isn’t just whipping them up out of dirt and spit.  Then we have the talking snake coming up to the woman (indeed why not Adam?) and correctly telling her that this god does not tell the truth and allowing her to get the knowledge of good and evil.  Adam then accepts the fruit from her (not terribly bright fellow) and we’re off to the races.  

Next up is the commandments, which repeatedly enforce the idea that women are property.  The whole “do not covet” commandment is all about property e.g. slaves, wife, oxen, donkeys, etc. We also get the tribal nature of women being a necessity and needing to remain “pure” many times in the OT.  A raped woman is to be considered a monetary problem since the women is forced to marry her rapist and can’t be used as chattel. An adulterous women is to be killed.  If a priest’s daughter is found not a virgin, she’s to be burned to death, but golly no mention of the sons.  Women are to be given to ravenous mobs to be raped if a man so deems it. 

And this doesn’t end in the OT.  We have Paul sure that women are less than men, that they should never teach men, that they should remain silent (yes, the bible does say that they can prophecy. bit of a problem there.) Some more here

We have the qu’ran insisting that menstruation is a filthy disease (funny how allah is responsible for it)  Female virgins are things to get in paradise. Women are no more than a field to plow and are worth “half” a mann.  More here. The qu’ran is actually a bit better than the bible in some ways, at least women inherit something, but alas most imams ignore those bits and still focus on their tribal nonsense.  Good to see that they’re just as bad about telling what’s really in their holy book as your average pastor or priest. 

All this speaks of is that men in these cultures and religions are pathetic beings, unable to grow or change. I certainly don’t think all men are like this (my husband being completely unlike these little twits).  But men (and for that matter women because we all know some like this) who buy into the primitiveness and willful ignorance of these religions and their attitudes about women are poor humans indeed.  They are afraid of other men. They are afraid of women. They have no self-control but oh are they greedy for control over others. They have such weak and flagging honor that they must blame others if they feel they aren’t seen as honorable enough. They must invent a god that is as incompetent as they are so they might hide behind its skirts when excusing their failings. 

They deserve nothing but our contempt.

10 thoughts on “Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – My body is mine: I support Amina

  1. There is nothing more to add here. Beautiful post and indeed the religions that originated from around the Mediterranean must have had for a template a very bad one.
    You hardly find a passage that glorifies a woman and when a woman is elevated she is married to someone for example Esther or Mary having visitations with gods and so on. You wonder was god drunk or high when he created them or why did he condemn them as soon as he was done with creating them depending on which story the believer wants to believe.


  2. I wasn’t aware of the day of action for Amina, either, despite the fact that I’ve been following it. I became aware last night when I saw some photos from the protests. It seems to have been mainly organized by Femen, of which I believe Amina was a member. I wasn’t even aware of Femen until I photographed them at a demonstration last December. Aparently, I was in the wrong city yesterday.


  3. I find it so hard to understand how people can accept these things in the bible. I also did not know about the day of action until I saw photos being shared after the fact. Hopefully this sort of awareness helps.


    1. Thanks for the comment. A lot of people accept such nonsense from the bible for the following reasons in my experience. 1. They were told the bible is true by someone they had an actual reason to trust, so that trust got transferred to a primitive ignorant religion. They to their best to ignore the parts they don’t like declaring them not what their god “really” meant. 2. They have no idea that such things are in the bible. Many theists have never read their supposedly holy books. 3. They really want such things to be true because they are awful human beings.


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