From the Bar and From the Kitchen – various beers and roast beast

beerSamuel Smith Strawberry Ale – Samuel Smith, a brewer out of Great Britain, has a line up of fruit beers.  This is our last one to try and I’ll have to say all of them are excellent.  This one has the intense taste of dried strawberries.  There is a lambic tartness and a slight bitter edge.  If one doesn’t want something quite so fruity, I think this would be excellent mixed with a light-flavored ale to make a sort of shandy.  Out of the fruit beers, I think my favorite is still the apricot and my husband’s is the cherry.

Pinkus Hefeweizen – Both of us very much like hefes.  This one is a good wheat beer but did not have the banana and clove aromas and tastes we like.

Redd’s Apple Ale – This is made by, gasp!, Miller Brewing, one of the mega-breweries here in the States.  And I was entirely ready to hate it. But it’s not bad. Very light, not too sweet and built to glom onto the hard cider market.  I think this would make a great summer beer, and yes it’s supposed to be drunk cold.  For me, preferably from a bottle pulled from a galvanized tub filled with crushed ice!

The current meal for leftovers is roast beef.  The beef is essentially what we put into the meat pies without being shredded up. The gravy is served with mashed potatoes.  Add corn with butter and you have one of my husband’s favorite meals, having grown up on a farm.  We both grew up on farms and we always had meat and potatoes, plus corn in season, even if we had nothing else.  That also explains why we love silly things like Chef Boyardee pizza in a box as well as Ortega tacos.  They were rare, therefore, “special”. When you grow up on a farm, you’ve done the “local food” shtick for years.

Just ordered two brewing kits, one for hefeweizen (which we’ve made before) and one for Palmer’s Elevenses (since I’m a nerd and anything that mentions hobbits is fine with me).  Look for those in the upcoming months.

Eat well!

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