Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – Cue wailing, gnashing of teeth

don't you loooove the hypocrisy?
don’t you loooove the hypocrisy?

If it hasn’t started already, we can expect much wailing and gnashing of teeth.  Predictions of “Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria”.  All because the prayers of so many TrueChristians have not been heeded by a imaginary deity and they did not get their way. In case you haven’t heard, the Supreme Court of the US (SCOTUS)has ruled against the federal “Defense of Marriage Act” and has let the lower court ruling stand in the Prop 8 case.

Happily, we in the US have moved ahead again with our ideal of equal rights for all.  We still have those who want to hide under the skirt of “states rights” to try to continue to allow unequal treatment of citizens under the law.(it’s funny,  it seems only awful things are defended when it comes to “states rights”)   We still have those who want to claim “religious freedom” for themselves, but who have no problem limiting the religious freedom of others.  We still have those who want to keep those they don’t agree with from voting.  Those people have lost again.  

I know that there were many many MANY people praying hard for their god to force the SCOTUS to rule in their favor, on both sides of the issue, though I’m guessing much more magical thinking by silly theocrats.  And it seems, as always, there is no god to appeal to.  There is no side that has some omnipotent deity on its side where it always wins.  What we do see is that, at least here in the US, we still move forward and nonsense preached from a book several thousand years old will be supplanted by better ideas not based on superstition and ignorance (see slavery).

I’m sure we’ll  have predictions by twits like Pat Robertson that we’ll get some horrible divine retribution since poor Pat et al haven’t got their way.  And we’ll see again that they fail and that they are nothing more than spoiled brats that haven’t quite yet realized that they don’t get their way anymore. Then will come the excuses on why they and their supposed god failed again.  We will hear that this god is just waiting to teach us a lesson aka “I’ll show you, I’ll show you all!”. We’ll hear that this god has some magical reason why he ignored his ever-so special “chosen” people who are very sure that this god intervenes constantly.  But we’ll rarely hear that they were wrong and that they are sorry (sometimes we do, and then watch other TrueChristian take a fit).  They and their god are rather like supervillains in that way.

I would like to see a legal case that challenges the patchwork of state laws that involve marriage.  I would think that it could be brought under the idea of restriction of commerce and to make it easier for corporations to function (always a good tactic when it comes to conservatives).

I would also hope that in the very near future that suit be brought against the states for restricting religious freedom by favoring one religious interpretation over another.  This would be a great time for those who are Christians but who do not hold with theocratic nonsense to finally stand up and not continue to tacitly support the lunacy of their fellows. 

Will those lawsuits change much?  Probably not, since it does seem that states can have official religions.  But those suits will force people to realize that rights aren’t just for certain people because they claim that their imaginary friend is better than someone else’s.  If states wish to put into place laws based on religion, then we can see* exactly* what they stand for.   And see that religion is nothing more than personal opinions with holy smoke and magical mirrors.

6 thoughts on “Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – Cue wailing, gnashing of teeth

  1. I don’t predict gnashing of teeth but I see darkness for 3 days over the US, I will not tell you the date though for that we have to consult with the god of darkness.
    On other news, this is a great development and I hope all the states in the US of A will follow suit


  2. Yep, the very next natural disaster will be attributed to their dog, because of this ruling…and justly so they will proclaim. How is it that people so obviously dedicated to hate, dare to proclaim that love is the message? Pat Robertson and others of his kind are a scab on society.

    “Holy smoke and magic mirrors” indeed.


  3. If the best this ‘god’ can do is pitch a hissy fit when it doesn’t get its way, best to ignore it.

    We won’t negotiate with terrorists who respond to reason with violence.


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