What the Boss Likes – Sleepy Hollow, tv series

SleepyHollow1_210x305I’ve found a new favorite on TV.  Sleepy Hollow (beware auto audio will start to play) is great.  A smart female hero,  a smart male hero (and good looking people as both).  Lots of potential conspiracies (Illuminati, anyone?  Covens and the Catholic church?)  And plenty of character actors that we all love.  Clancy Brown (the Kurgan from the Highlander movie, and much voice acting e.g. Lex Luthor on the Superman animated series), the fellow who plays the new Sulu is there (alas for only the first episode).  And the Rolling Stones  “Sympathy for the Devil” as a temporary theme (and how much did that licensing cost? 🙂  )  .

And as part of the teaser for the next episode?  The fellow from the Revolutionary War, having no idea that guns can fire more than one shot.  Watch it, it’s smart, detailed and a lot of fun.  At least in the pilot, hopefully, it will last and not be another great series that only lasts for a handful of episodes.

2 thoughts on “What the Boss Likes – Sleepy Hollow, tv series

  1. I watched it, it was rather well done, and I enjoyed it for the most part.

    The references to biblical claims, putting the plausibility of the entire plot into question, rubbed me the wrong way.

    I don’t mind turning off my rational mind to take a brief ride through fantasy land, I know that going in when watching some TV, but the constant bible references I fear will eventually make me walk away from this one. Religion is one fantasy land I have no interest in.


    1. I understand your point. I just take it as just one more set of myths that are used in a show about the supernatural. The bible nonsense is as “true” as the leechman or aliens in the X Files, or demons in Supernatural, etc.


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