What the Boss Likes – Cosmos A Spacetime Odyssey

You must watch Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s Cosmos.  It is an excellent successor to the original Cosmos series.  I was about 14 when Carl Sagan did Cosmos. I got the book for Christmas one year, and I bought myself the book about the Voyager golden record.

Watch this, it shows how poor religion has served humanity.  Giordano Bruno was murdered, aka killed with intent, by burning alive for not following the religious line.  Though we cannot know how much farther would we have been if we had not killed anyone who disagreed with Christianity, Bruno, Hypatia, etc, it does seem that religion has done nothing but hold humanity back after a possibly useful prehistoric uselessness. This is further evidence that religion based on a belief that there is some magical omnipotent being that hates certain things has harmed  humanity.   As Carl Sagan observed, Hypatia was murdered, Cyril the Christian was considered a saint after apparently causing this (thou shalt not kill, donchaknow). These are both from ancient sources, which are of course always under question of their truth.  Whose side shall we be on?   One that leads to new knowledge or dogma that says that anything that the “church” frowns upon should be burned to death, or flayed alive?

And it should be no surprise that TrueChrisitans, especially of the “right wing” variety, will absolutely hate this show.

2 thoughts on “What the Boss Likes – Cosmos A Spacetime Odyssey

  1. I haven’t seen it yet, will catch it tonight, was out of town last night.

    Of course the righteous wingnuts will hate it. They hate everything that points out the flaws in their thinking. They also hate whatever their pastor or perceived authority figure tells them too. Which amounts to a lot of stuff to hate. I don’t know how they find the time to fit it all in.


  2. I remember reading about the Murder of Hypatia in high school in books that were not part of the Catholic cirriculum, after reading about Saint Cyril in the Catholic cirriculum. It was one of the key moments that led to my rejection of Catholicism.


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