From the Bar – Another week, another sixpack of random beers.

beerAt my current job, a sixpack of random beers costs about what I make working for an hour and a half.  It’s more fun that going to a movie with people who always annoy me, so I guess it’s a fairly cheap entertainment.  One, Otto’s Apricot Wheat, we had before, so I’ll only review the new ones.

Full Sail Session Black Lager – This was in a squat short neck bottle like Red Stripe.  The beer was a very dark red when held up to the light, essentially black.  Lots of roasty toasty malt character but none of the heaviness.    I look forward to drinking this more in the summer when I’m craving a dark beer but it’s 90+ degrees Fahrenheit.

Crabbie Alcoholic Ginger Beer – Yum!   This is great stuff.  I am very pleased that it isn’t as hot as some ginger beers are.  A red-amber in color, it isn’t too sweet, like a cross between a ginger beer with all of the spice and a US soda ginger ale.   I can see this mixed with an alcoholic cider, apple or ooh, maybe pear, for some wonderfulness.

Lancaster Brewing Company Strawberry Wheat – LBC is a relatively local beer.  Most of their beers tend to run a little sweet for me. The strawberry wheat doesn’t taste too sweet but it does taste like those hard strawberry candies that have the jam inside of them.   Not bad for a fruit flavor added beer but not my favorite.  LBC has a restaurant here in Harrisburg that does have some very good food.

Victory Swing Session Saison –  Think Belgian funk with a lot of hops.  I’m guessing there are some Citra hops in there but could be wrong.  Definitely an excellent way to transition to spring and summer with a Belgian style ale.

Erie Brewing Railbender Ale – Erie Brewing has a lot of beers we like.  The Railbender is a Scottish style, a little sweet and a little strong (6.8%).  It’s a malt forward ale, without too much hops.  I also like their Fallenbock, a rich bock with a nice clean finish, and their Derailed Black Cherry Ale.  Be warned, that last tends to really foam as soon as you open the bottle, so be near a sink.  That happened to me when I made a cherry beer too, so I don’t know if it’s some magical property of the fruit.  🙂

Drink well!

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